Safety First

The Merrick Groups primary goal is to provide and maintain a work environment that promotes the health and safety for all employees and the general public. Every task is approached with the mindset that all accidents are preventable. Every employee takes full responsibility for safe work behaviors with focus on reducing hazards within the working environment whenever possible. No job is that important or so urgent that precautions, policies, regulations or laws concerning health and safety can be bypassed.

Our continuing training, pre-job & post-job discussions and use of industry operating experience regarding Industrial, Radiological, and Reactor Safety is our pathway to success for every job. Human Performance and use of Error Prevention Tools is critical to the success of the Merrick organization and is maintained at the highest levels. Our expectations are clear, when in doubt; STOP, Take Timeout, Get Help and Never Proceed in the Path of Uncertainty.

Additionally, our full time safety officer is fully committed to compliance and enforcement of all internal / external safety policies or practices ensuring safety is the primary focus on a daily basis.
The Merrick Group, Inc. is confident that we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to perform all projects Safe and Event Free.