How To Detect Degradation With Eddy Current Testing

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A large part of regular maintenance for power plants and petrochemical facilities is making sure that there are no defects in their heat exchanger tubing that could lead to facility or component downtime. Eddy current testing is extremely important in making this determination and also helping to provide an overall assessment of component and system […]

What Is Industrial Tank Cleaning?

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Running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to operating and maintaining your facility. Remembering to schedule regular maintenance checks and exercising proper care for your equipment is extremely important but it may often be the last thing on your mind. Industrial tanks serve many different purposes and can hold various liquids. However, […]

5 Best Practices For Cooling Tower Maintenance

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Cooling towers are industrial coolers that eliminate waste heat which originates from different sources such as industrial machinery or oil refineries. Cooling towers reject heat, either through the use of evaporation to cool the waste heat or by using air flow to eliminate heat. These two different systems are referred to as direct, open circuit […]

Merrick Group Job Fairs Spring 2019

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Due to weather conditions, the job fair scheduled for tonight from 6-8 at the Hampton Inn Bloomsburg is cancelled. Please call Workforce at 570-454-8810 to reschedule

What is Eddy Current Testing?

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Eddy Current testing is a method of nondestructive testing that is based on the principals of electromagnetism. When an eddy current probe in the close proximity of a test material is energized at a given oscillating frequency, eddy currents are induced in the conductive test material by means of electromagnetic induction. This technique requires no […]