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Satisfied Clients – The Merrick Group, Inc.

The Merrick Group has performed services for many clients around the world and in a wide variety of industries.

We have performed projects for clients such as:

Nuclear Clients
Beaver Valley Nuclear Generating Station
Brunswick Nuclear Station
Callaway Nuclear Power Plant
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
Catawba Nuclear Station
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
Cooper Nuclear Station
Department of Defense/Department of Energy – Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant
Duane Arnold Energy Center
Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant – Taiwan
McGuire Nuclear Station
Millstone Nuclear Power Plant
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station
Oconee Nuclear Station
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station
Point Beach Nuclear Plant
Robinson Nuclear Station
Shearon Harris Nuclear Station
Surry Nuclear Power Plant
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station
Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station
Tennessee Valley Authority Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant
USS Enterprise
USS Roosevelt
USS Essex โ€“ Sasebo, Japan
Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Power Plant

All Other Industries
A&B Environmental
AC Power
AC Service and Repair
Akzo Nobel Paints
Avery Dennison
AWT Environmental
Belzona Repair Technology
Bemis Company
Borden Chemical
Boyle Energy Associates Service and Tech
Bridgeport Energy
C.O. Falter Construction
COT Puritech
Duphill, Inc.
Dynergy Northeast Generation
Electro Chemical
Expansion Seal Technologies
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
First Energy
Hillis Group
Lux Industries
Montenay Inc.
NASA โ€“ Glenn Research Center
National Starch and Chemical
Newpark Environmental Services
Northeast Power
Osram Sylvania
P2S Plant Performance Services, Valero/Krotz Springs
P2S Plant Performance Services/BASF/Fina
Panther Creek
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Plansee USA
PSEG Fossil LLC โ€“ Hudson Station
Rock-Tenn Company
Scheck Industries
Schuylkill Energy Sources
Shaw E&I
Sunbury Generation
Talen Energy Brunner Island
Talen Energy Lower Mount Bethel
Talen Energy Martins Creek
Talen Energy Montour
TDC, Conoco Phillips
Temple Island
U.S. Department of Military Affairs
U.S. Navy
Wagmen Construction

arripa-logoMerrick’s is also a member of ARIPPA, An Association of Independent Power Producers in the Anthracite and Bituminous Regions of Pennsylvania, which enables it to perform services such as nuclear water-cooling tower maintenance for ARIPPA members.

ARIPPA association plant members:
(Edison Mission Energy)
A&C Environmental
American Bituminous Power Partners
American Power Services
Associated Plants
Cambria Cogen Co.
Chiller Inspection Services
Dominion Generation North Branch Power Station
Ebensbury Power Co.
Foster Wheeler Power
Gilberton Power Company
Hazleton Oil Salvage LTD.
Hazleton Painting Co.
Koppers Industries, Inc.
Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co.
Morgantown Energy Associates
Northeastern Power Company
Panther Creek Partners
PG&E National Energy Group
Pillsbury Company
Piney Creek LP
Sunbury Generation LLC.
Viking Energy of Northumberland
Westwood Operating LLC
Wheelabrater Frackville Energy Co.
WPS Westwood Generation LLC
Yanuzzi Inc.