Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance and Technician Jobs at The Merrick Group

We have been in the Nuclear industry for 25 plus years and we are an elite team of professionals that is recognized by our peers in the Nuclear Utility industry as “The Leaders in Nuclear Maintenance”.  We pride ourselves on Safety, Quality and Compliance which sets us apart from our competition. Our scope of our services covers numerous aspects of the Power Generation Industry which includes: Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Condenser Maintenance, Condenser Maintenance, Cooling Tower Maintenance and Eddy Current Testing. Additionally, we are fully engaged in the Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Markets which collectively takes us coast to coast providing endless opportunities for all.

Working with The Merrick Group allows our employees to work on many clients in diverse areas of the country.  We currently have openings for nuclear technician jobs and nuclear power plant maintenance jobs.  Working in either a nuclear technician job or a nuclear power plant maintenance job can help you develop valuable skills across our diverse service offering.

Apply today for nuclear power plant maintenance and technician jobs and boost your career with The Merrick Group!

Please send resume to to apply for nuclear technician jobs and work with us.

We are seeking quality, experienced technicians for the following positions and job assignments.

Note, Previous experience and unescorted access at Nuclear Facilities preferred.

Employment Requirements

Background Investigation 

Substance Abuse Screening

Willing to Travel

Position Title(s)

  • Laborers                                                                       
  • Condenser Cleaning Technicians
  • Tube Cleaning Technicians
  • Heat Exchanger Technicians
  • Hydrolazing Technicians                 
  • Eddy Current Testers (non-certified)
  • Eddy Current Level I Technicians
  • Eddy Current Level II Technicians
  • Eddy Current Level IIA Technicians
  • Eddy Current Level III Technicians

Rate of Pay

Competitive based on Experience

Job Duration

Spring Outage Season March through May

Fall Outage Season September through December

Physical Requirements

  • Must have a Clean Background
  • Ability to work in various industrial environments
  • Ability to frequently lift/carry up to 30 lbs.
  • Able to climb ladders/stairs, reach below knees and above shoulders, kneel and crawl to access work areas.
  • Able to sit / stand for extended periods of time,
  • Ability to work in adverse conditions inside or outside. Including: extreme cold, heat, rain or dry environments.
  • Able to occasionally work in confined spaces.
  • Able to wear full and half face respirator.