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Duke Energy – McGuire Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group returned to McGuire Nuclear Station in September of 2015 and March of 2016. This time around the plant asked that we hydrolaze their feed water heaters as an alternative to shooting swivel U-tube scrappers to remove the iron oxide build up on the tubes. We performed this work on (4) feed water heaters in September and (6) feed water heaters in March.

In addition to the feed water heater work we cleaned, dimple plugged, and plugged tubes in the condenser water boxes. We also performed maintenance on other heat exchangers throughout the outage. Merricks also assisted Taprogge in performing maintenance on the amertap system. We will be returning to McGuire in the spring of 2017.

Point Beach Nuclear

The Merrick Group returned to Point Beach in October of 2015 and March of 2016. Our scope of work included hydrolazing condenser water boxes, various heat exchangers, and feed water heaters. We completed this work by manual hand lancing with pressure up to 20,000 psi. We will be returning to Point Beach in the spring of 2017.

Duke Energy – Catawba Nuclear Station

Merricks took part in the fall of 2015 Catawba Nuclear outage. We worked on the condenser water boxes, various heat exchangers, and the amertap system. We cleaned and plugged tubes in the water boxes along with pressure washing and inspecting the amertap system. We will be returning to Catawba in the fall of 2016.

Calvert Cliffs

Merricks returned to Calvert Cliffs in November of 2015 to perform the online condenser cleaning. In February of 2016 we participated in their major outage. Our scope of work included, cleaning (6) condenser water boxes, (2) feed water heaters, vac truck services, and amertap maintenance. We also assisted EST in stabilizing a tube in one of the condenser water boxes. The vac truck services included sucking out each water box before and after the cleaning and sucking out numerous pipes for the plant. We will be back in the fall of 2016 for the annual online water box cleaning.

Heat Exchanger Assessment and Maintenance

This course is now closed.


Heat Exchanger Assessment and Maintenance
Sponsored by Thermal Engineering Associates

4-Day Short Course: June 14 – 17, 2016
Featuring Sessions by Senior Engineers and Inspection Experts

Course Description:

The primary course objective is to provide practical information on plant heat exchanger construction and performance characteristics, inspection, and maintenance, and a forum for interaction with senior engineers and inspection experts.

Who Should Attend?

Practicing engineers and technicians who are involved in plant heat exchanger maintenance and inspection should consider participating in this course.


Danny AllermanPaul KossDean Leimbach
Bill ClosserCarl KuesterJames Fisher
Dana IvesCarlton LindellHarry Williamson
Allen GallaherMark KossLindon Thomas
Chris J. Speas

Course Fee: $1,750

Register by printing and sending payment to:
Thermal Engineering Associates
1424 Farrington Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37923
Or Register Online at: Http://
Phone: (844) 507-8267

Course Location:

Fairfield Inn & Suits by Marriott Hazleton
Phone: 1-570-501-0759
Special Room Rate – $85 (plus 11% tax)
Hazleton, PA is part of a family resort area in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.

Course Schedule:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
08:00 Introduction
08:30 Condensers and Other Shell-and-Tube HXs
10:30 Feed water Heaters
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Damage Mechanisms – Tube and Other Components
15:30 Materials Selection

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
08:00 Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
10:00 Visual Inspection
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Eddy Current Assessment
15:00 Q&A Sessions
15:45 Demonstrations

Thursday, June 16, 2016
08:00 Inspection: Oil & Gas Perspective
10:00 Plant HX Program Development
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Performance Monitoring and Trending
15:00 Q&A Session
15:45 Demonstrations

Friday, June 17, 2016
08:00 HX Cleaning and Demonstration
09:30 Inspection, Assessment, and Maintenance Processes
10:45 Power Plant Case Studies
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Power Plant Case Studies
16:00 End of Course


Danny Allerman, Senior Project Engineer Dominion Power

  • 30 years of engineering experience in electric power industry, with experience as a Performance Engineer, System Engineer, and Component Engineer responsible for plant heat exchanger program.
  • Extensive experience in heat exchanger maintenance
  • Responsible for managing installation of new turbines and other major equipment as a Project Engineer.
  • BSME, Virginia Tech

Bill Closser, President NuClear Services Group, Inc.

  • Provides consulting, testing and support services.
  • Over twenty-five years of experience in condition monitoring, plant performance, and equipment reliability.
  • Eight years of experience with EPRI. Program Manager, Nuclear Applications and Services; Director of Nuclear and International Services, EPRI Solutions.
  • Chairman, ASME. PTC 12.5 Committee, Member, ASME OM-21 Committee. Co-author EPRI NP-7552.
  • Consultant, Classical HX Analysis, 2015 EPRI Report.
  • BSME and BSNE, OSU: MBA. Regis University.

Dana Ives, Project Manager, Mistras Group

  • Thirty years o experience in heat exchanger inspection and assessment for US/International power, chemical, and oil & gas (onshore and offshore) plants.
  • Eddy Current Level III NDE Inspector.
  • Initial training and experience as NDI Technician with US Air Force.

Allen Gallaher, Project Manager, Curtiss Wright – Anatec Division

  • BOP heat exchanger inspection and assessment.
  • Thirty years of experience in project management of heat exchanger inspection, eddy current testing, and assessment programs in industry.
  • Extensive experience I BOP heat exchanger training.
  • Eddy Current Level III NDE Inspector.
  • BA/MA Math, Northeastern University.

Chris J. Speas, Senior Director, The Merrick Group, Inc.

  • Twenty-nine years of experience in power plant component inspection and maintenance.
  • Experience in inspection project oversight, independent oversight and review of programs and project management.
  • Actively participates in EPRI NDE industry working groups.
  • Member o f ASNT, ASME, and ANS.
  • ET Level III.

Paul Koss, Project Manager, Curtiss Wright – Anatec Division

  • Over twenty-five years of experience in heat exchanger inspection and assessment primarily in fossil/nuclear applications.
  • Eddy Current Level III NDE Inspector.
  • BS Geology, Western Kentucky University.

Carl Kuester, Owner, Engineering Consultant & Exchanger Repairs

  • Twenty-five years with an electric utility; experience in engineering, construction, start up, training, operation, maintenance, and plant superintendent functions.
  • Past President, Turbine, Exchanger. Condenser Col, Dynamic Energies Inc., Condenser Technologies, Inc.
  • Over fifty years of engineering experience. Consulting in all phases of power plant engineering, with emphasis on heat exchanger equipment, including repairs, removal of sample tubing for analysis, and retubing.
  • BSE, Brown University.

Carlton Lindell, Consulting Engineer

  • Past Vice President, Cramer & Lindell Engineers, Inc., General Manager. Rust-Cramer & Lindell Engineers.
  • Over fifty years of engineering experience.
  • Extensive experience in eddy current testing in fossil/nuclear power, chemical, and petrochemical industries, development of inspection standards, and tube failure analysis.
  • BSME, MSME, University of Connecticut.

Mark Koss, Consultant, Retired as Program Manager – Materials / Metallurgical Engineering, TVA

  • Thirty-five years of experience in metallurgical / welding engineering at TVA.
  • Extensive experience in materials selection, specification, and failure analysis in nuclear/fossil/hydro plants,.
  • BSE (Metallurgical), University of Tennessee; MSChE. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.

Dean R. Leimbach, Retired as ISI Specialist – Susquehanna Nuclear Power Station

  • Thirty-five years of experience in heat exchanger inspection, testing, condition assessment, and NDE issues, as well as program management and personnel training.
  • Previously maintained accreditations: Eddy Current Level III NDE Inspector, Ultrasonic Testing Level III NDE Inspector, ANSI Weld Inspector, NACE Coatings Systems Inspector, Nuclear Power Utility Supervisor Certification, NDE Personnel Training & Certification.
  • 1975 NDE Technical School graduate.

James Fisher, Director of Operations / Sr. Project Manager, The Merrick Group, Inc.

  • Current responsibilities include oversight of project managers and supervisors and extend to development and implementation of training programs.
  • Twenty years of experience in HX cleaning, inspection, repair, and project management focused on development and execution of cleaning/maintenance contracts.
  • NACE Level II.
  • BA/BS Liberal Arts, Dickinson College.

Harry Williamson, Senior Engineer, Duke Energy

  • Sixteen years of experience as heat exchanger and pressure vessel consultant on predictive and preventive maintenance for fleet fossil, hydro, and combined cycle power plants.
  • Twelve years of experience as design engineer for fleet fossil plants and Oconee Nuclear Station.
  • Extensive experience with heat exchanger cleaning, inspection, repair, retubing, manufacturing procedures, trouble shooting, and root cause analysis.
  • Registered Professional Engineer.
  • BSME, North Carolina State University.

Lindon Thomas, President, Thermal Engineering Associates

  • Forty years in engineering teaching and research.
  • Over twenty years of experience in providing industry engineers with heat exchanger analysis training.
  • Principle Investigator, 2015 EPRI Report, Classical Heat Exchanger Analysis.
  • Author of Heat Transfer, Professional Version, 2000 Choice (ALA) Outstanding Academic Title.
  • BSME, Tulsa University: PhD ME, Kansas State University.

West Point Military Academy

The Merrick Group assisted in the recent powerhouse upgrade at West Point Military Academy. Two circ water lines were needed to supply cooling water to the new mechanical cooling towers. The lines in place had been dormant and capped for 18 years and situated within the foundation of the existing powerhouse. Walsh Construction and the Army Corp of Engineers sought to find an alternative to replacing the existing lines. Merrick Group technicians were able to provide a complete 360’ cleaning of the entirety of both pipes, approx. 250’. With the use of an RHD and 10k psi we were able to navigate the multiple elbows and sweeps as well as 20’ of vertical climb needed to clean the piping without having to make additional breaks in the piping system saving the customer both time and extra cost. Technicians were able to remove ¼” scale and corrosion buildup from the walls and restore the piping to like new condition restoring flow capability and removing debris that could have caused a failure in the new cooling system. Our pumping systems were employed to handle all wastewater and containment in accordance with both federal and state law.

River Road Generating Station, Clark County Utilities

The Merrick Group Inc. participated in River Road Generating Stations past outage. The facility is a 248 megawatt combined cycle gas plant in Vancouver WA. After consultation with utility personnel and Merrick Group management, high-pressure hydrolazing was determined to be the most effective means of removing debris and buildup from their condenser tubes. Over the course of 5 shifts, merricks technicians removed 6 cu yds of scale buildup from 8000 +/- tubes.

Point Beach Nuclear

The Merrick Group performed condenser water box cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning at Point Beach Nuclear in the fall of 2014. This was the third time we completed this scope of work. We completed this by manual hand lancing with pressure up to 20,000 psi. All work was completed event free and we will be returning to Point Beach in the fall of 2015.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear

Merrick’s returned to Calvert Cliffs in December of 2014 to complete their annual online condenser cleaning. We also performed work in February 2015 on the condensers, which included switching out all of the anodes in the waterboxes. We also cleaned two heat exchangers and performed maintenance on the amertap system. In order to clean the amertap system, we used pressure washers to clean the amertap screens and a goodway cleaner to open the extraction arms on the system. We will be returning in the fall of 2015 for this years online cleaning.

Duke Energy – McGuire Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group returned to McGuire Nuclear Station in September of 2014. The scope of work was cleaning (6) feed water heaters by means of shooting swivel U-tube scrappers to remove iron oxide build up on the tubes. We cleaned, dimple plugged, and plugged tubes in the condenser water boxes that were identified as leaking, as well as performed maintenance on other heat exchangers throughout the outage. Upon the plant coming back online, operators were able to accurately identify no leaks in those tubes.

In November of 2014, Merrick opened and reassembled two heat exchangers while plant was on line. All work was completed on time, safely, and under budget.

KAPL – Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory – DOD/DOE Cooling Tower

The Merrick Group returned to the KAPL Department of Defense/Department of Energy site in October of 2014 to continue work on the MARF cooling tower. Our scope of work included:

  • Timber structure repairs
  • Remove and reinstall new fan stacks, blades, and hubs
  • Replace fan deck joists
  • Remove existing pressure treated fan decking and replace with new composite fan deck material
  • Balance and pitch fan blades
  • Perform test run of new equipment with operations

All of the work was completed safe and on schedule. We will be looking to return to KAPL in the summer of 2015.

Callaway Nuclear

The Merrick Group, Inc. was recently requested to return to Callaway Nuclear Station to participate in their 20th Refuel & Inspection Outage to perform scheduled maintenance on their natural draft cooling tower. The scope of work included:

  • Cooling Tower inspections with the assistance of station engineering to identify and classify and identify any nonconforming conditions.
  • Nozzle replacement, drift eliminator repairs, and installation of high efficiency PVC fill sheet

The goal was to restore optimal efficiency to the Cooling Tower which was attained. A contributing factor to the overall success of the project was several members of the Merrick Group management team were required to qualify as supplemental supervisors per Callaway’s qualification process which also influenced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

Reactor Cavity Decontanmination

Cooper Nuclear Station Refueling & Inspection Outage RE28 / 2014.

The Merrick Group, Inc. was tasked with a High Risk work evolution to perform the Reactor Cavity Decontamination during Cooper Nuclear Stations R&IO RE28 located in Brownville, Ne. The goal was to reduce contamination levels and dose rates to an acceptable level to minimize the potential of Air-Borne Contaminations and to minimize personnel dose received during both the Reactor Vessel Disassembly and Reassembly activities.

The decontamination consisted of a several Hydrogen Peroxide flushes, scrubbing, rinsing & flushing in a very short period of time of the following areas to obtain the planned reductions:

  • Outer Bellows
  • Inner Bellows & Bulkhead
  • Gross Cavity Decon
  • Rx Cavity & D/S Pit Bulkhead and Walls
  • Rx Cavity & D/S Pit Walls

The end results were that all work was performed Safe/Event Free, ALARA, on Schedule and budget with contamination / dose levels being reduced approximately 50%. The entire task was viewed as a great success by Cooper Nuclear Senior Management and the Merrick Group Team.

Susquehanna Steam Electrical Station

The Merrick Group, Inc. holds annual contracts at the Susquehanna Steam Electrical Station. We finished up their spring Refueling & Inspection Outages in May of this year. Merrick is responsible for heat exchanger/condenser maintenance as well as overseeing the complete maintenance of the cooling towers. Our company has held contracts with PPL SSES for the past (20) years.

Duke Energy – McGuire Nuclear Station

Merrick’s has been called upon to take part in the McGuire outages since Fall of 2011. We finished their Spring 2014 Refueling and Inspection Outage at McGuire Nuclear Station in April and was asked to stay for an additional ten weeks for online work activities. The scope of work was the heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance. Our services included opening, inspecting, cleaning, and reassembling heat exchangers, condensers, feedwater heaters, and their closed cooling quality control/safety related heat exchanger. All of our work was completed on time, safely, and under budget.

Duke Energy – Catawba Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group has also taken part in the Catawba Nuclear Station outages since the Spring of 2012. Merrick’s worked on cleaning condensers, heat exchanger maintenance, and

In July of 2014, Merrick’s received a call for an online emergency condenser leak. We mobilized 20 personal within 48 hours to support Catawba Nuclear in finding and repairing a condenser leak, threatening to foul their main steam generator. We cleaned, helium tested, dimple plugged, and plugged 202 tubes in a 63 hour window.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group has been servicing condensers and feedwater heaters at Calvert Cliffs since Fall of 2012. This past February, we worked on their condensers, feedwater heaters, and amertap system. We will be returning to Calvert Cliffs for an online condenser cleaning in December of 2014.

EPRI Condenser Technology Conference

The Merrick Group attended the EPRI Condenser Technology Conference in Denver, Colorado on August 20th and 21st.

EPRI BOP Heat Exchanger NDE Symposium

The Merrick Group attended the EPRI BOP Heat Exchanger NDE Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia on August 4th and 5th. We shared a booth with our partner company, Anatec-LMT.

KAPL – Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory - DOD/DOE Cooling Tower

In June of 2014, The Merrick Group completed timber structure repairs, power washing, and coating repairs on the MARF cooling tower at the KAPL Department of Defense/Department of Energy site in New York. This was the first time Merrick performed the work here, and it was the first year a contractor completed the work scope on time. In addition to the original work scope, we completed an additional five addendums to our contract. We will be returning to KAPL in October of 2014.

Duke Energy - McGuire Nuclear Plant

The Merrick Group was contracted to perform heat exchanger maintenance and inspection at Duke Energy McGuire Nuclear Plant. This maintenance included inspecting and pressure testing the facility’s feedwater heaters, cleaning various heat exchangers and condensers. Merrick provided for the disassembly and reassembly of the units. All of the outage work was completed on time, safely, and under budget.

Hydro Excavation at PPL SSES

The Merrick Group was called upon several times in 2011 to complete hydro-excavation projects at PPL Susquehanna.

One of our newest services, we use a specialized high pressure water blasting head along with a vac truck’s suction to hydro-excavate the ground to uncover underground piping systems.

Hydro-excavation is used in lue of traditional excavating to protect any other underground piping or wiring during the excavation process.

The work completed at Susquehanna was done in two separate projects.

The first project was to replace the river intake piping at each cooling tower and the second was to install a valve in the plants fresh water piping system.

Our crews worked safely and successfully to complete the project on time and within the specifications required by the plant.

PSEG Hudson Station

The Merrick Group works with PSEG Hudson Station to keep the pipes of their wet scrubber system from blocking. Our crew uses the rotary hose device with 10,000 psi to remove any lime slurry that has solidified within the piping system. We have been called upon several times to hydrolaze the pipes and return them back to service.

PPL Montour Power Plant

Our company worked with the PPL Montour Power Plant in Washingtonville, PA on thier spring outages of Unit 1 and Unit 2.

We had various crews working on multiple projects during their outages. The three main projects completed was their condenser cleaning, raw river piping hydrolazing, and heat exchanger cleaning.

Our crew worked around the clock to complete the condenser tube cleaning within the alloted time frame. This was a very aggressive window and our crew worked tirelessly to finish ahead of schedule.

The raw river piping was cleaned using manual hand lancing and the rotary hose device with pressures up to 10,000 psi to clean the piping system. The walls of the pipes were reduced by 50% due to continuous service. Our technicians were able to return these pipes back to the original diameter.

The heat exchanger cleaning was done by manual hand lancing with 10,000 psi.

All work was completed safely, on time and within budget.

Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant

The Merrick Group returned to PPL SSES in the spring of 2011 to take part in Susquehanna’s refueling and inspection outage. Our crew worked around the clock to ensure our work was done safely and successfully.

We took part in several intricate parts of the outage this year.

Our company was responsible for the entire maintenance of PPL Susquehanna’s Cooling Tower. This work included inspecting and repairing any deteriorated fill sheet and nozzles, removing algae and debris with 10,000 psi water blasting of the cooling tower support columns, removing all of the sediment and debris from the cooling tower basin, and making any necessary concrete repairs.

The Merrick Group worked hand in hand with PPL employees to drain the entire facility. This project takes coordination and cooperation to ensure it is completed on time and does not hold up any other work groups at the facility. Our crew successfully worked around the clock to remove all of the water from the power plant.

Our skilled technicians completed the maintenance to Susquehanna’s safety related residual heat removal (RHR) system heat exchanger. Our team worked through our full heat exchanger maintenance program. We disassembled the unit, followed by an inspection and wipe down. Once the heat exchanger was wiped down, our technicians worked around the clock using 20,000 psi hydrolazing to clean the tubes of the RHR heat exchanger. This was followed by a full NACE inspection and repairing of any surface that was identified as damaged due to service.  Our crew followed by reassembling the heat exchanger and torquing to the specified amounts.

The entire outage was a success and The Merrick Group completed it safely, on time, and within budget.

Beaver Valley Nuclear Station

In March 2011, The Merrick Group took part in Beaver Valley’s Refueling and Inspection Outage. Our company was called upon to work on hydrolazing using the rotary hose device. Using 10,000 psi water pressure, we hydrolazed their raw river piping. This piping was 21″ and was reduced due to years of service. Our team of skilled technicians successfully returned the system to the original wall of the pipe. The project was completed safely, on-time, and within budget.

Schuylkill Energy

The Merrick Group was hired by Schuylkill Energy Resources in Shenandoah, PA. Our specialists were called upon to take part in their outage with two projects – air preheater cleaning and raw river pipe cleaning. The air pre heater cleaning involved using 10,000 psi water gun work to remove debris from the air preheaters. Our technicians water blasted the air preheater fin blades on four different stories. The other project involved utilizing the Rotary Hose Device to clean 500 feet of raw river piping. The facility was satisfied with the safe work and timely finish of this project.

Merck Pharmaceutical - COT Puritech

The Merrick Group Inc was hired by COT – Puritech to provide hydrolazing services at Merck Pharmaceutical. Our services were needed to remove scale, stalactites, and oil from a turbine in which there was a mixture of oils present. Merrick’s needed to clean the turbine before COT – Puritech could introduce a new oil into the system. Our technicians disassembled over 100 flanges and two heat exchangers for cleaning. A combination of gun work and hand lancing was used to clean the pipes, flanges, end-bells, water-boxes, and heat exchangers. All of the components were cleaned to the satisfaction of the facility. Our technicians completely reassembled, including fully torquing, every component. When put back into service, the facility reported that not one flange had to tightened for leaks. All of the work was completed on-time, within budget and safely.

Susquehanna Nuclear Plower Plant

Susquehanna Unit 1 entered an emergency forced outage in July 2010. The Merrick Group was requested to come on site and work around the clock to repair and replace fill sheet in the Unit 1 Cooling Tower. The Merrick Group replaced over 2,000 pieces of fill sheet during the 4-day outage. All work was completed on time and safely.

PPL Montour

The Merrick Group holds yearly contracts with PPL Montour. For the 2010 outages of Unit 1 and Unit 2, we were called upon to service their condensers, heat exchangers, raw river inlet and outlet piping, and scrubber absorber ducts.

The Unit 1 Outage was a mini, 72-hour outage in which The Merrick Group worked around the clock to clean the heat exchangers and condensers.

The heat exchangers were cleaned with 10,000 psi hand lancing. The condensers were cleaning using high volume water and metal scrappers. Our crew was successful in cleaning 36,000 tubes and rodding out any obstructed ones in the 72-hour window allotted by the outage.

The Unit 2 Outage was a 4-week main outage in which The Merrick Group worked around the clock on cleaning heat exchangers, condensers, raw river inlet and outlet piping, and the scrubber system absorber ducts.

The heat exchangers were cleaned with 10,000 psi hand lancing. The condensers were cleaning using high volume water and metal scrappers. Our crew was successful in cleaning 36,000 tubes, twice and rodding out any obstructed ones in the 1-week window allotted by the plant. The diligent crew successfully completed the project one day early to ensure on-time completion for the facility.

PPL Montour had not cleaned their raw river inlet and outlet piping in 40 years. Most of the pipes were restricted over 50%. Our crew removed approx 500lbs of solids from the pipes. The pipes were successfully opened using 10,000 psi hand lancing and with the use of the Rotary Hose Device to the original wall of the pipes.

The scrubber system absorber ducts were cleaned using 10,000psi gun work. Our crew meticulously used the high-pressure water to remove the stalactites formed from the scrubber system slurry. With the time allotted, our technicians were able to remove material above and beyond the expectations of the facility.

All work was completed on-time, safely, and to the acceptance of the facility.

PPL Susquehanna - Unit 1 Outage

This Spring The Merrick Group completed another successful year at the Susquehanna Steam and Electric Station (SSES) in Berwick, PA. Each year, our workload grows and so does our thirst for more. This year we were responsible for the maintenance work of all the heat exchangers, condensers, cooling tower, and drain down of the plant.

In addition to our current workload, this year we took on the Drain Down aspect of the outage. Our personnel were responsible for draining all of the circ and service water from Susquehanna Unit 1. This was a daunting task that our skilled personnel rose to the occasion to complete safely and in a timely manner to help the outage move on smoothly.

Once the plant was drained, it allowed our other crews to take action. Our heat exchanger and condenser crews worked around the clock to assure that the outage stayed on schedule. We were responsible for the dismantling, NACE inspections, cleaning, repairing, and reassembling of all heat exchangers and condensers at SSES. This included extensive work on the largest piece of safety related equipment, The Residual Heat Removal (RHR) heat exchanger.

Our heat exchanger work also included the removal and reassembly of an entire water box for the installation of a new gasket between the water box and tube sheet of a stator cooler. As the outage progressed, Merrick’s was given various emergent and expanded work from PPL. This included supporting operations with finding and repairing a tube leak in one of the condensers, multiple in service leak inspections, and more heat exchanger cleaning and repairs.

The cooling tower crew successfully serviced the entire cooling tower. Upon drain down of the basin, Merrick personnel de-mucked the entire basin by removing 220 tons of river mud. This mud was then pressed and de-watered for removal from site. The basin floor was subsequently cleaned. The cooling tower crew then worked their way through the outside of the structure high pressure cleaning all the algae and debris from inspected and identified support columns followed by any structural repairs deemed necessary. The skilled crew moved on to inspect and rebuild identified areas of fill sheet from within the tower along with a complete nozzle inspection and replacement. The final piece of maintenance included washing the mud from all distribution headers within the tower.

This project was completed on time, safely, and within budget. Each year, the work scope continues to grow and Merrick’s continues to set the standard for safety and cleanliness within the worksite.

Constellation Energy - CP Crane Station

Merrick’s was called upon to hydrolaze the boiler feed water turbine lines for COT-Puritech at the Constellation Energy – CP Crane Station in Baltimore County, Maryland. A lance was used at 8,000 psi to thoroughly clean the boiler feed pump supply and drain lines, turbine exhaust supply and drain lines, and the HP and LP oil supply lines. The job was completed on time and safely.

Pennsylvania Department of Welfare

The Merrick Group’s Commerical and Industrial division has completed a window replacement and restoration project for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare in Danville, PA. We successfully removed and replaced 38 windows in a juvenile reintegration facility at the Danville State Hospital site. The project was completed safely and on time.

Three Mile Island - Unit 1 Outage

Merrick’s recently successfully completed a project during Three Mile Island’s – Unit 1 Outage. Our expert services were called upon to hydolaze the nuclear water inlet lines. The lines were restricted from a 30 inch pipe down to about 22 inches. Using the Rotary Hose Device (RHD) and 15,000 psi, Merrick’s was successful in removing the fouling and returning the lines to their maximum flow rate. The RHD successfully navigated through 90 degee turns and verticle pipe sections. The job was completed on time and safely.