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The Merrick Group brings experience, dedication, and a variety of services to its projects that are always performed by trained, qualified technicians. Each individual project is carefully set up with safety and quality of work in mind.

montageMore than 25 years ago,The Merrick Group Inc. started a foundation in the nuclear industry that has grown from a three-man crew to over 130 technicians that can work simultaneously at a single plant outage. It has taken years of growing and countless hours of work in the nuclear business to maintain the standard of excellence that we provide for our customers.

At the Merrick Group we strive for maximized quality rather than quantity.

At the Merrick Group, our people, services, and business structure are built on a foundation of small business traditions where consistently delivering the highest quality is the rule rather than the exception. When coupled with our expertise and experience in meeting the needs of the biggest and most demanding jobs, we can offer services that can scale to even the largest facilities around the globe. Our vast experience of the nuclear industry enables us to immediately respond to the critical need, schedules, and conditions of outage situations. With a proven reputation for safety and efficiency, we can perform to the highest standard in any work environment.

The Merrick Group Inc. has always been known for completion of every job safely, efficiently, and on schedule.We bring a team of managers with deep and broad experience in meeting the demanding needs of nuclear power plants that always work seamlessly with supervisors and technicians that can quickly adapt in order to bring each project to safe and successful fruition.

The Merrick Group Inc. is the “one stop shop” for complete condenser and heat exchanger maintenance and Eddy Current Testing. The past 25 years we have pursued one singular goal; assist the nuclear industry in the quest for optimum performance while keeping it a SAFE place to work. The Merrick Group Inc. takes pride in saying that we are “The Leaders in Nuclear Maintenance.”

We offer an assortment of nuclear and industrial services. Our management groups alongside our qualified professionals have the experience to address the issues of our clients while holding security as our number one need.

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