Proper Cooling Tower Cleaning Requires Properly Trained Technicians

Regular maintenance simply cannot be understated as being one of the simplest ways to reduce costs in your cooling tower. Maintenance includes proper cooling tower cleaning. The right maintenance is what optimizes heat movement and helps all of your plant machinery function at optimum levels. A company that provides total cooling tower upkeep as well as cooling tower maintenance schedules for both direct and open cooling towers or indirect and closed cooling towers is the best choice. The Merrick Group is a company that vigorously maintains a proven reputation of implementing and executing any plant mandatory maintenance together with time tested company strategies that provide a finely tuned quality service, which directly translates to improved tower performance. For you, that means an increase in productivity and efficiency with a matching decrease in expenditure. Top of the line cooling tower care or cooling tower cleaning services should always include high pressure washing of undesirable biological debris. High pressure cleaning (known as hydrolazing or water blasting) is not merely pressure washing. At up to 40k PSI, it’s the safest way to clean your cooling tower without compromising its structural integrity. Following that, there’s the de-watering of basin grime. This is exactly what it sounds like. At this point, any fill sheet repair and replacement, as well as any structural repairs deemed necessary can be done. Qualified cooling tower cleaning personnel will also complete nozzle inspections and replacements, guardrail and ladder inspections (safety is always of utmost concern), and motorized fan examination in addition to concrete and steel covering preparation and repairs.

The ultimate goal of cooling tower cleaning is simple – and it’s the same as yours – to improve your power generation efficiency, reduce your plant’s downtime as much as possible, and lower your expenses. It is far less expensive to commit to regular maintenance than to do drastic emergency repairs. Immediately tied to this is the need to have properly trained and highly qualified personnel available to complete these tasks. The Merrick Group for instance, has several employees who are NACE (that’s National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Coating Inspector Level 1 Certified. NACE Certification is paramount and vital for a wide variety of projects within the industry. This Certification enables employees to be certified to properly carry out coating inspection of any structural steel substrates by way of techniques and instrumentation that do not compromise structural integrity. NACE certified technicians have tested and proven knowledge of coating materials and a variety of up to date techniques for surface preparation and application to prevent corrosion.