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Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Nuclear Cooling Tower Climb Cleaning Services

A well-designed and executed Nuclear power plant cooling tower maintenance plan can help to increase efficiency and ensure that the cooling tower is functioning as intended. Creating and committing to cooling tower maintenance and cleaning services can be the key to keeping costly energy expenditures to a minimum. Working in tandem with site-specific cooling tower cleaning services, maintenance programs keep heat transference at its most optimal level for efficient plant operation. Regular, proper maintenance and cleaning will not only allow the cooling tower to function at peak performance levels but can help to mitigate issues caused by improper or irregular maintenance.

At the Merrick Group, we specialize in complete cooling tower cleaning services and cleaning programs for both direct/open cooling towers and indirect/closed cooling towers. Our broad experience and proven track record in cooling tower maintenance and cleaning services enable us to tailor and execute plant-required maintenance that works collaboratively with the strategy of each company. Our services are customized specifically to the needs and individuality of each company that we work with, creating a partnership that helps to ensure maximized tower performance. By committing to a cleaning and maintenance plan with Merrick Group, Inc., companies can rest assured that their cooling towers are clean and energy-efficient.

Our cooling tower maintenance and cleaning services include:

Nuclear Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

  • High pressure cooling tower cleaning of unwanted biological debris
  • De-watering of basin sludge
  • Fill sheet repair and replacement
  • Structural repairs
  • Nozzle inspection and replacement
  • Handrail and ladder inspection
  • Mechanical fan service
  • Concrete and steel coating prep and repair

By tailoring our cooling tower cleaning services as well as the broader cooling tower cleaning services to the needs of each facility, we can quickly align with the shared goals of efficiency improvement, downtime reduction, and decreased expense for efficient and profitable operation at any facility.

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