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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services

Heat Exchanger Cleaning service

Without efficient nuclear power plant heat exchanger cleaning services performance, production processes and output suffer, which leads to cost increases and diminished bottom-line results. The prime culprit is unavoidable fouling of the exchangers and the reduction of efficient heat transference. The Heat Exchanger clear solution to this recurring problem is regular cleaning of heat exchangers at intervals. For this, you can use our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services that are designed to maintain maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At the Merrick Group, Inc. our heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance services are the result of years of experience, training and technique development in a broad range of facility types. This includes; power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, and natural gas processing plants.

Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance Services include:

  1. Removal of all covers (Rigging Certified)
  2. As found inspections and documentation
  3. Inspections after wipe down
  4. Coating inspections (NACE Certified)
  5. Coating applications (High performance certified)
  6. Complete tube cleaning (Goodway or Hydrolazing of pressures up to 40,000 psi)
  7. Tube plugging
  8. Final inspection (FME approved)
  9. Close unit (Torque certified)

Heat Exchanger Cleaning service

The Merrick Group, Inc. works in nuclear heat exchanger cleaning services. This project incorporates the complete adjusting of Residual Heat Removal (RHR) Systems.

Here is some more information about our Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance Services. In order to properly clean heat exchangers and restore them to a state where they perform optimally, we have developed air and water-powered tools and techniques that utilize the latest industry-standard practices to restore them to peak efficiency.

A variety of air and water-propelled brushes are designed to remove soft tube fouling and sediment deposits in the most efficient way while also eliminating the risk of tube damage.

In cases where hard mineral and marine deposits must be removed, our specially designed air and water-driven scrapers are a highly effective removal method that ensures tubes are protected from abrasion and wear.

Our heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance services also include the use of a variety of nozzles in conjunction with variable pressure sensitivity that is designed to remove severe fouling. This is highly effective in situations where pitting requires variable adjustment to match the conditions.