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With more than decades of experience in the power plant industry, The Merrick Group has grown to include a number of specialists with vast experience and unparalleled expertise in various fields such as heat exchanger cleaning, condenser tube maintenance, and more.

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The Merrick Group has been a reliable partner for decades of experience, consistently completing services under time and under budget. With The Merrick Group, you can expect efficient services due to our state-of-the-art technology and impeccable safety record. Our current customers span the globe, and are happy to continue using our worldwide services every year.

As the leader in industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance, here is a list of services provided by our expert staff of qualified and certified employees:

Industrial Inspection Services

In addition to our expert cleaning and maintenance services, The Merrick Group has certified inspectors able to perform the following industrial testing and inspection services.

Certification Partners and Affiliates

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The Merrick Group went above and beyond to procure the necessary coating supplies to ensure the timely completion of the coating repair work, helping the station avoid a Notice of Violation and all of the added regulatory risk that would come with it.

– Jerrold McCormick, Sr. Environmental Scientist-Nuclear – Susquehanna Steam Electric Station

The Merrick Crews did an outstanding job on all Outage Work. Great Leadership, all of the crew members are a pleasure to work with… Efficient, Safe work practices, all jobs are left in better shape than when the job was started. Truly an Old School way of working together. Thank You All.

– Chuck Foose, Maintenance Supervisor – Brunner Island Steam Electric Station

I was extremely happy with The Merrick Group on this project and the way you handled issues that came up to keep us on schedule. The quick turnaround on the Test Reports was AWESOME. You are definitely specialists in what you do and I will certainly recommend The Merrick Group to others.

– Jeffrey Rayford, President – Tuskeegee Contracting

Thank you, Keith, and thank you to the whole Merrick Team (this includes the amazing Eddy Current Team too). I have heard over the years “A team is only as strong as its weakest link”. When I reflect on our 6-7 outages together, I can say that that quote is not always true. You all pull together as a team that lifts all the moving parts to a high standard of quality workmanship. The way you work together and perform makes every link be set to a standard that elevates the chain as a whole. If this is my last outage serving as HX MNT Tech Support/Job Sponsor know that I hold our time together in high regard. You all have been taught me so many things. I wish you all well in all your future endeavors and hope our paths cross again.

– Edwin Pittillo –  McGuire Nuclear Station

Power Plant Maintenance and Cleaning FAQs

All of our nuclear technicians are highly trained and certified. Merrick Group employees are certified in a variety of different areas, including Eddy Current Levels, Certified Equipment operator, AMPP Certified Coating Inspectors, and Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tube Cleaning. For more information on the certifications and qualifications of Merrick Group, Inc. technicians, visit our About page.
Industrial cleaning refers to the process of cleaning and maintaining industrial facilities, equipment, and machinery. It involves the removal of dirt, debris, contaminants, and other unwanted substances to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. The Merrick Group is the best industrial cleaning services company because we offer many different professional tasks such as pressure washing, equipment cleaning and degreasing, specialized decontamination techniques and more.
Industrial maintenance ensures the proper functioning, reliability, and longevity of industrial equipment, machinery, and systems. The Merrick Group’s industrial maintenance services include routine inspections, repairs, adjustments, and preventive measures. Our industrial maintenance company is experienced with equipment such as heat exchangers, condenser tubes, cooling towers and more.
Our goal is to maximize equipment efficiency, reduce costs, and extend the lifespan of assets. Contact The Merrick Group to prevent equipment breakdowns, optimize performance, and minimize downtime.
The Merrick Group is always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals for nuclear power plant jobs. If you are interested in joining our team of experts, we would love to hear from you! Job training is provided so no experience is necessary for entry level positions. Read more on our careers page.

Choose The Merrick Group for Power Plant Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning Services

Our primary customers are nuclear power plants, but we perform our services for a variety of other industrial clients. Here are just a few of the reasons our satisfied fossil power plants continue to choose The Merrick Group for their Spring and Fall Outages:


Serving Clients Across the Globe


Proven record of success


Cost Effective and on-time

Dependable Technology

Using modern technology methods


It’s Part of our Culture

Continue reading about The Merrick Group Advantage. Learn how, as a family-owned company, we are focused on employee training and growth. We also care about supporting our community and raising money for charity causes such as Veterans, Toys For Tots, and more.