Experts in Industrial Maintenance & Cleaning Services

With more than decades of experience in the high-pressure water jetting industry, The Merrick Group has grown to include a number of specialists with vast experience and unparalleled expertise in various fields including nuclear power plant and industrial maintenance and cleaning.


Maintenance and regular cleaning help to reduce costs over time by ensuring that equipment is running at peak performance at all times.


Annual inspections catch minor issues before they become larger problems. We offer NACE Inspections, Eddy Current Testing, & more.


Professional sanitizing solutions and disinfection services eliminate contagious, & hazardous pathogens including bacteria & viruses.

Diverse Knowledge and Skillsets

The Merrick Group’s highly trained experts boast an incredible diversity of knowledge and skillsets, from engineering, metallurgy, and chemistry to pumps, hydraulics, industrial coatings, and construction. Their combined expertise ensures that their work is always up to industry standards, and all safety and environmental regulations are met.

We Make Safety a Priority.

Since 1988, we have pursued a singular goal: to provide customers with timely, specialized industrial maintenance and cleaning while making sure safety remains the foremost priority. Our competent and knowledgeable specialists will ensure that your industrial cleaning needs are met in a safe and controlled manner.

Advantages of Choosing The Merrick Group
for Nuclear and Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning


Serving Clients Across the Globe


Proven record of success


Commitment to On-Time Solutions

Dependable Technology

Applications Across Industries


It’s Part of our Culture

Merrick went above and beyond to procure the necessary coating supplies to ensure the timely completion of the coating repair work, helping the station avoid a Notice of Violation and all of the added regulatory risk that would come with it.

–  Jerrold McCormick
Sr. Environmental Scientist-Nuclear
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station

The Merrick Group has been a reliable partner for over decades of experience consistently completing services under time and under budget.  With Merrick, you can expect efficient services due to our state-of-the-art technology and impeccable safety record. Wherever you are, Merrick can help.  Our current customers span the globe and are happy to continue offering worldwide services.

  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sewage Treatment Industry
  • State and local Municipalities
  • US Navy
All of our nuclear technicians are highly trained and certified. Merrick Group employees are certified in a variety of different areas, including Eddy Current Levels, Certified Equipment operator, NACE Certified Coating Inspector, and Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tube Cleaning. For more information on the certifications and qualifications of Merrick Group, Inc. technicians, visit the training and qualifications page.
Merrick Group, Inc. is always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to add to our team of experts. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! Read more about our positions and requirements on our careers page.
Hydro excavation is a form of excavation that uses high-pressure water flow to break down the earth quickly and effectively. Hydro excavation services are typically the most sought-after method of industrial excavation. The precision with which hydro excavation is performed eliminates errors and minimizes labor costs. At Merrick Group, Inc. we specialize in industrial hydro excavation services for many different industrial needs. Find out more about our hydro excavation services.
Industrial equipment is expensive and it needs to function properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance are extremely important to maintaining the proper functionality of industrial equipment. Industrial cleaning includes the insides of pipes, tanks, and other equipment that tends to be subject to buildup or bacteria accumulation. Industrial maintenance will help to ensure that the equipment is running properly and, when performed regularly, it can help prevent expensive issues down the line. At Merrick Group, Inc. we perform regular industrial cleaning and maintenance and ensure that the equipment is functioning at peak levels.
Industrial protective coating is a coating that is used to seal surfaces after they have been cleaned. The purpose of industrial protective coating is to extend the life of industrial equipment by preventing corrosion. Read more about the functionality of protective coating and its uses on our industrial and protective coating page.

Our Services

Our services include maintenance and cleaning for all different kinds of industrial equipment, such as ultra-high-pressure water blasting, cooling tower maintenance, and condenser tube cleaning. Browse our website and explore the many advantages of trusting your project to the skilled experts of The Merrick Group.