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The Merrick Group loves to show off our recent news and projects. Read our monthly company newsletter, The Dose, to learn about our power plant outage seasons, hiring notices, industry training tips, employee shout-outs, cool photos, and more! You can also follow us on social media for more information!


Nuclear Internships

The Merrick Group continues to focus on growth and employee development! We were able to host Central Piedmont Community College’s NDE students in our Denver, NC office. Our internship opportunities for nuclear and NDE students help develop qualified individual’s nuclear careers. Students saw our robot training wall and learned how to perform bobbin eddy current testing and the basics of heat exchangers.

  • We also congratulate our ECT Level Training and Certificate employees.
  • Understand and avoid risks by learning about Human Performance Tools & Standards.
  • See where we are working this month.

Read more in our March edition of The Dose.

Did You Know? Per the US Dept of Energy, nuclear power plants provide over 475,000 jobs in the US!

March edition of The Dose

Preparing for Spring 2023 Outage Season

In this February 2023 – The Dose, learn about our employee training. Merrick believes in hands-on training to help our employees grow and become leaders. Also, learn if you are ready to go to work this season:

  • Update your personal information
  • PPE – Merrick provides gloves and safety glasses on site. Learn what you need to bring.
  • Check Your Belongings: Vehicle, backpack and lunchbox – don’t bring restricted items on the job.
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Reach out to a Project Manage if you have any questions.

Also in this month’s company newsletter, view some of our holiday party’s photos! Finally, learn about the new projects we have scheduled at Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, GA & eddy current testing at Columbia Generating Station in Richland, WA.

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Spring Outages 2023

From the desk of CEO Dan Merrick, “Thank you and congratulations everyone for your dedication, commitment, and hard (safe) work in 2022!” Read more in our January edition of The Dose.

Also in The Merrick Group’s company newsletter:

  • The 2023 outage season is scheduled, reach out to our team if you have not received your spring schedule.
  • Distracted driving statistics. Ask the question: is it worth the risk??
  • Truck and trailer safety
  • Learn about our Toys for Tots donations
  • Did You Know? US Nuclear Energy trivia!
  • Major Projects SSES supervisor quote from Tony Zielinski
  • Reminders about keeping your information updated for spring outage season
  • Brunner Island Steam Electric Station servicing – Some cool images from our plant maintenance and an amazing testimonial from Talen Energy’s Principal Engineers.

Download January 2023’s The Dose

Read more in our January edition of The Dose

“The Dose” Company Newsletter – October 2022

The Merrick Group currently holds contracts with 2 of the top 10 Net Generation Plants (according to U.S. Dept of Energy). Don’t forget about our employee referral program! We are currently staffing for Spring 2023. Share our job posts on social media: LinkedInFacebookTwitter

Also in this edition of The Dose, learn how we perform the correct action on the correct component every single time we go out in the field. Learn a little bit about Catawba Nuclear Station in York, SC, and get some fun facts per Duke Energy!

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The Dose – August 2022 Company Newsletter

Plenty to cover! Download this edition of The Dose for the latest company news:

The Dose – June 2022 Newsletter

Our focus in this newsletter is “Staying Focused” – Read some tips on how to do so. We also want to thank both the experienced and new faces this season. Also…photos galore! Send your photos to Reese Eyerly and you may just end up in our company newsletter, website, and/or social media! By the way, we are currently accepting applications for the Fall season; get credit by having your referral indicate you referred them. Reach out to Stephanie Probert for more information!

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The Dose – May 2022 Newsletter

Our staff reached over 230; our biggest outage season to date! Shout out to our subcontractors: Lawns for Warriors and Southern Pressure.

Check out this May’s company newsletter to see some photos from Susquehanna and learn about human performance tools and standards.

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The Dose – April 2022 Newsletter

Shout out to our Merrick admin support: They work as a team to prep and process the tasks needed to ensure everything runs smoothly! We also want to acknowledge the hard-working employees that will be away from their families during an outage.

Check out this month’s newsletter to see some photos, learn about the Rhea County, TN nuclear plant and understand “Clearance & Tagging.”

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The Dose – March 2022 Newsletter

We are hitting the busy season, so we want to focus on safety. Distracted driving and other distractions on the road can have serious consequences. We want our employees to ask the question, “is it worth the risk??” Truck & trailer safety is also highlighted.

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The Dose – February 2022 Newsletter

In January, ERPI Technical Specialist for Eddy Current Testing met at the West Hazleton, Pa. and Denver, NC facilities. They evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of our Quality Assurance Program and the audit concluded the Merrick Groups Quality Assurance Program is “Effectively Implemented!” PS: The Merrick Merch store is open!

The Dose – January 2022 Newsletter

Reflecting on 2021 to prepare for 2022!

As a team, we worked approximately 130,000 hours in 2021! We have some exciting updates coming in 2022, so don’t forget about our Employee Referral Program. In this issue, we focus on being prepared for the upcoming season/year and highlight our team working on the USS New York

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The Dose – December 2021 Newsletter

Learn what it is like to work at The Merrick Group and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

In this issue of the Dose, we highlight project shout-outs and get to know Oconee Nuclear Station. Learn about our mentoring program and team values as well as see pictures of our team at work. Don’t forget to donate to our Toys for Tots fundraiser and have a very Merry Christmas!

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The Dose – November 2021 Newsletter

Shout-Out to the Enviva Team and Outage Season Highlights!

In this issue of the Dose, we highlight project shout-outs, common line of fire injuries and how to avoid them, and pictures of our team being awesome. Take a look at some of The Merrick Group’s project successes and develop an attitude of Thanksgiving with us!

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The Dose – October 2021 Newsletter

The Merrick Group Highlights ECT and HX Projects.

October is the middle of outage season. Here is what our teams have been working on! In this issue of the dose, we highlight big projects at McGuire Nuclear Station, a client since 1981, for ECT and HX services. Take a look at some of The Merrick Group’s planned fall projects, safety principles, and celebrate The Merrick Group’s victory at Talen Energy Golf Tournament!

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The Dose – September 2021 Newsletter

The Merrick Group Celebrates the 11th Annual Merrick Group Classic with $20K raised for Helping Hands Society

The end of summer is here and we are celebrating with promotions and client testimonials. We have been preparing for the Fall outage season with updated training facilities and ECT robot training. Take a look at some of The Merrick Group’s planned fall projects, how to evaluate your fitness for duty, and pictures from the 11th Annual Merrick Group Classic!

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The Dose – July 2021 Newsletter

The Merrick Group Celebrates Continuing Education & New Certifications

We are keeping busy this summer with project work and trainings. Take a look at some of The Merrick Group’s planned fall projects, procedure use and adherence reminders, and teamwork on the job!

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The Dose – June 2021 Newsletter

The Merrick Group Celebrates Another Safe and Successful Season

Another safe and successful season is behind us! Take a look at some of The Merrick Group’s planned fall projects, some picturesque memories from this season, and some more client testimonials!

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The Dose – May 2021 Newsletter

The Merrick Group reflects on some of this season’s successful projects and their contributing staff

As we approach the end of this season, we’re taking a look at some of our recent successful projects and highlighting those involved. Take a look at some on-the-job photos, learn more about our staff, and read about the successful completion of the first phase of a four-year project to replace 16 water piping valves at Susquehanna!

Download the May 2021 Newsletter!

Duke Energy – McGuire Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group returned to McGuire Nuclear Station in September of 2015 and March of 2016.

This time around the plant asked that we hydrolaze their feedwater heaters as an alternative to shooting swivel U-tube scrappers to remove the iron oxide build-up on the tubes. We performed this work on (4) feedwater heaters in September and (6) feedwater heaters in March. In addition to the feedwater heater work we cleaned, dimple plugged, and plugged tubes in the condenser water boxes. We also performed maintenance on other heat exchangers throughout the outage. The Merrick Group also assisted Taprogge in performing maintenance on the amertap system. We will be returning to McGuire in the spring of 2017.

Point Beach Nuclear

The Merrick Group returned to Point Beach in October of 2015 and March of 2016.

Our scope of work included hydrolazing condenser water boxes, various heat exchangers, and feedwater heaters. We completed this work by manual hand lancing with pressure up to 20,000 psi. We will be returning to Point Beach in the spring of 2017.

Duke Energy – Catawba Nuclear Station

The Merrick Group took part in the fall of 2015 Catawba Nuclear outage.

We worked on the condenser water boxes, various heat exchangers, and the amertap system. We cleaned and plugged tubes in the water boxes along with pressure washing and inspecting the amertap system. We will be returning to Catawba in the fall of 2016.

Calvert Cliffs

The Merrick Group returned to Calvert Cliffs in November of 2015 to perform the online condenser cleaning.

In February of 2016, we participated in their major outage. Our scope of work included cleaning (6) condenser water boxes, (2) feedwater heaters, vac truck services, and amertap maintenance. We also assisted EST in stabilizing a tube in one of the condenser water boxes. The vac truck services included sucking out each water box before and after the cleaning and sucking out numerous pipes for the plant. We will be back in the fall of 2016 for the annual online water box cleaning.