Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services

Industrial pipe cleaning services and raw water pipe cleaning are usually some of the easiest ways to improve production. Even the smallest irregularity or debris inside of a pipe can build up over time, creating stoppages or obstacles that can eventually become a problem. These blockages can reduce product flow and, if the pipes are not properly cleaned and maintained, can cause damage and other issues over time. Reduced capacity puts an unnecessary load on the pump system, resulting in increased equipment problems over time. Our raw water and industrial pipe cleaning techniques adapt to various applications.

The Merrick Group always looks for the latest and greatest technology in the industry. As a leading industrial pipe cleaning service provider, we have the ability to clean lines from 1 inch to 36 inches with minimal entry points.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services

The Merrick Group is a global provider of industrial cleaning services, specializing in industrial pipe cleaning. Our comprehensive approach to cleaning includes the use of both mechanical and chemical cleaning methods to ensure the removal of even the toughest contaminants. Our experienced staff utilizes high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning tools to physically remove debris and buildup from pipes. We also use chemical cleaning agents to dissolve and emulsify contaminants, making them easier to remove.

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Our Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services Include:

  • Retro Jetting of Industrial Pipe Systems
  • Hydro Milling – An Efficient Method of Cleaning Industrial Pipes
  • Rotary Hose Device & Pipe Cleaning

Performing regular maintenance and cleaning on industrial pipes is extremely important. Residual debris can create problems with water or liquid flow within the pipes themselves or can be flushed through the system and cause more extensive damage to the equipment over time. One popular way to clean industrial pipes is through a process called hydro milling. Also called retro jetting or aqua milling, hydro milling is an extremely effective way to clean industrial pipes and prevent build-up and debris from accumulating inside the pipe surface.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning

Retro Jetting of Industrial Pipe Systems

Retro jetting is the act of flushing or blasting an industrial pipe to remove residual materials
or fragments that are often caught on the walls and surfaces of industrial pipes.

This debris can cause serious problems in industrial piping when it accumulates and causes blockages down the line. Often, the first step in industrial pipe cleaning involves hydro-blasting the interior of the pipe with ultra high-pressure water in an attempt to cut through the encrusted build-up and hardened residue. Aqua milling is the next step, a higher pressure blast of water – between 5000 to 12000 psi. The high pressured water blasts can be used in a slicing effect, removing large amounts of scale and residue layer by layer. Small pipes, even as small as 1”, can be cleaned properly, as can pipes with larger circumferences as well. The highly effective retro jetting technique doesn’t present a problem for cleaning industrial pipes, and it has been proven to be extremely precise at removing all manner of debris and other material that has accumulated on the surface of the pipe.

Not only is hydro milling more effective than other forms of industrial pipe cleaning, but it’s safer as well. Hydro blasting removes the need for expensive and potentially dangerous equipment like scaffolding, and any hazardous materials used in the process are completely contained, so operators won’t come into contact with them or be adversely affected in any way. The hose and the nozzle are easy to manoeuvre during the cleaning process, making even complex horizontal and vertical pipes easy to clean. Built-in safety features will shut down all components in the space of half a second in case of any emergency situations, so operators are protected from accidents.

Our Rotary Hose Device allows us to navigate through several 90-degree elbows and run long vertical distances from one location. Our specially designed water collection system allows us to manage wastewater flow with full containment. Because of the specific function of the built-in rear jets, the water and debris are swept out of the system and, due to the periodic withdrawal of the nozzle, the debris is able to be removed from the pipe in a highly controlled and predictable way.

Hydro Milling – An Efficient Method
of Cleaning Industrial Pipes

Hydro milling is a very intelligent way to remove debris because it can remove particles of any size,
and the water requirements for operation are much lower than for other water flushes.

It also contains water recycling so there is a reduction in the amount of waste created by the operation. Additionally, the ease of use and safety features are a huge plus for the operators, as they are able to control the entire process with ease. Aqua milling is also more time, and thus more cost-effective.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services

Our system allows us to remove unwanted RAD waste while holding ALARA as a top priority. Complying with the most stringent rules and regulations, we seek to make the safe disposal of any nuclear industry waste of the highest importance. As with all of our services, safety is our highest priority. Following industry standards, we ensure that unwanted radiation waste is removed from the area while maintaining industry safety standards. The techniques we implement keep our personnel safe from the high-dose radiation area of the line.

Structural and internal damage can cause problems in the long run, creating a domino effect where the build-up of debris in industrial pipes creates a series of other issues. Blockages, cracks or damage, and expensive repairs are all potential side effects of leaving industrial pipes without regular proper maintenance. Regular industrial pipe cleaning is a great way to restore pipe capacity and ensure long-term integrity. Properly maintaining industrial pipes through regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance will help to ensure that pipes remain efficient and can alleviate more costly maintenance fees in the long run.

Rotary Hose Device & Pipe Cleaning

The Industrial Pipe Cleaning Rotary Hose Device gets inside the pipes and blasts away years of accumulated
mineral deposits, scale, biological matter, and other debris that clog pipes and restricts fluid flow.

This type of cleaning can add years of life to your pumps and pipes.

The Merrick Group, the leader in nuclear and industrial maintenance, brings experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to every job site. With more than decades of experience in the water blasting and cleaning industry, The Merrick Group is proud to offer the latest technology in industrial pipe cleaning. We invite you to take a few minutes and learn how The Merrick Group’s new industrial pipe cleaning service can work for you.