Industrial Protective Coating Service

The Merrick Group has over two decades of experience, which provides our clients with the assurance that all applications and inspections will be performed safely and correctly.  The Merrick Group’s Industrial Coatings Program provides clients with the confidence that any industrial coating applied by The Merrick Group will be performed to the client’s specification and/or the coating manufactures product data-sheet without exception.

Coating Service Level I, II & III Services

The Merrick Group’s Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Program provides our clients with confidence that any Service Level I, II, or III coatings applied on any of their Safety-Related Structures, Systems, or Components will be performed and controlled by qualified and certified application and inspection personnel.

Coating Service Level I, II & III Services

The Merrick Group protective coatings program was developed in accordance with NRC Regulatory Guide 1.54 R2 for Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Applied to Nuclear Power Plants and current industry ASTM Standards. Additionally, EPRI Report No. 1019157 “Guideline on Nuclear Safety Related Coatings, Revision 2″ was referenced in the development of the protective coating program.  

The Merrick Group’s Protective Applicators are qualified to the following ASTM Standards: 

  • ASTM – N4227-05, Application of Coatings to Concrete Surfaces.
  • ASTM – N4228-05, Application of Coatings to Steel Surfaces 

The combination of the NRC Regulatory Guide 1.54 R2 and various ASTM Standards utilized within The Merrick Group’s coating practices and programs is found to be acceptable by the NRC for the selection, application, qualification, inspection, and maintenance of protective coatings applied to Nuclear Power Plants.  Coatings work is considered a Special Process as defined in the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, Appendix B, Titled “Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants.”

Coating Service Level I, II & III Services

The Merrick Group not only understands these requirements but implements them via an effective Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Program which is controlled and accomplished by qualified personnel using procedures in accordance with applicable codes, standards, specifications, criteria, and other special requirements.

Industrial Protective Coating Service

How Our Industrial Protective Coating
Services Can Help Your Business

The experienced personnel at The Merrick Group are trained to address your simplest needs to the most complex.

The Merrick Group has a long history of providing industrial protective coating services with the least amount of impact to our clients and their equipment. Our industrial coating applicators coupled with our AMPP certified coating inspectors offer the most complete industrial coatings application services from surface preparation to final dry film thickness readings.

Why Is Industrial Protective Coating
Necessary for Nuclear Power Plants?

Industrial protective coatings provide the following for your nuclear power plant:


Protection: Protective coatings protect industrial surfaces from heavy wear and help maintain a high level of industrial surface health over a long period of time.

Cleanliness: Protective coatings maintain a cleaner surface that enhances machine efficiency.

What Is An Industrial Protective Coating?

Industrial protective coating is a complex combination of many raw materials that must be mixed,
applied to a prepared substrate, dried, and cured correctly to perform to their maximum capability.

They must have the ability to be applied in diverse environmental conditions, and then be expected to protect the substrate from the damaging effects of rain, sunlight, wind, heat, cold, humidity, and oxygen in various combinations and cycles, and still retain their integrity and often their aesthetic qualities. 

What are the different
types of industrial
protective coatings?

Polyurethane Coatings are used as a final layer that can resist wear and tear and increase UV and environmental durability. 

Epoxy Coatings consist of an amine curing agent mixed with an epoxy polymer. By changing the ratio of these ingredients, you can create a wide variety of epoxies useful for diverse applications. Additionally, epoxies can withstand higher temperatures  than most other coatings. 

Alkyd Coatings can be effectively used in a variety of environments from inside, outside, underwater, and underground. Most need a heat application to dry. 

Zinc-Rich Coatings prevent corrosion and are most effective on steel. 

Acrylic Coatings are quick-drying and good adhesion-promoting primers.

Industrial Protective Coating Service

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