Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Tanks are used to store a variety of substances and materials that can build up over time and require regular maintenance and water tank cleaning services. Industrial water tank cleaning is a common part of the water blasting industry because it helps to clean up substances that commonly occur in tanks, such as the build-up of lime or other substances, the growth of bacteria or mold, and the accumulation of sludge in the bottom of industrial tanks.

The Merrick Group Advantage for
Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Regardless of what you are storing in your tanks,
The Merrick Group offers a variety of industrial tank cleaning services for your needs.

With our high-pressure techniques and years of expertise, our staff can remove and clean the most challenging and toughest materials and residues from the inside of any size tank. Our industrial tank cleaning services include a range of pressures from 5000psi to 40000psi. We have invested the money and time in our expertly trained technicians to ensure they can clean all types of residue from the interior walls and floor of your tank, including silicone, sludge, glue, and even hardened concrete.

In addition to a number of water tank cleaning specialists, our staff includes confined space personnel. Our confined space personnel are trained in confined space entry and rescue to ensure your industrial water tank cleaning services are performed as safely as possible. Holding safety as the number one priority, The Merrick Group will make your project a safe and event-free success.

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Why You Should Opt For Protective Coating
After Tank Cleaning Service

After our industrial tank cleaning services are performed, we also offer protective coatings.


Protective coatings will help to maintain the inside of your industrial tank and, with regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning services, will help to extend the life of your tank as well. Visit our protective coatings section to see how we can repair or line new and used tanks.

Contact The Merrick Group to find out how we can help you clean and maintain your tank.