Hydro Excavation Services

What is Hydro Excavating?

Hydro Excavation is a method of digging up the ground using a combination of high-pressure water blasting and vacuum suction to remove soil and dirt. By using precision water blasting techniques combined with a vacuum system, you can break up and remove the ground without damaging existing utilities.

Hydro Excavating Services

By utilizing pressurized water to break down the earth in tandem with vacuum removal into a debris tank, What Is Hydro Excavation enables the most precise, efficient, and safe way for the location of underground pipes and utilities. By eliminating the need for backfilling, the time and labor costs are reduced.

The Merrick Group’s Hydro Excavation Services

The Merrick Group performs industrial Hydro Excavation Services for clients all across the USA. The 4 Benefits of our Hydro Excavation Services:

Hydro Excavating Increases Precision and Accuracy

Precision is one of the key components of an hydro excavator company. Hydro vac excavation is the favored method rather than traditional excavation. Among the other excavation methods, hydro excavation has an increased degree of perfection. The accuracy of the hydro excavator is executed by using powerful water flow which helps to remove the errors and decrease the time of digging and backfilling.

Hydro Excavating Services Saves Time and Physical Labor

The Merrick Group’s hydro excavation service is that it helps to alleviate the stress of physical labor on the workers and it also saves time as well because it is faster than traditional labor methods.

Hydro Vac Excavation Minimizes Traffic Disruptions

As a process that minimizes surface damage, hydro excavation services can reduce traffic disruptions and other factors that make traditional excavation more problematic.

Hydro Excavation Trucks Reduce Project Costs

Hydro excavation trucks are also known as hydro vacs. These trucks help to excavate in a more reliable and effective way than

the standard way of excavation. To break up the soil and rubbish on the site, hydro evacuation trucks use a combination of forceful water and a high-powered vacuum. And then instantly pick up the materials in the debris tank of the truck.

All of the above benefits will help ensure that hydro excavation work can be done more quickly and efficiently than before, and reduce costs associated with lengthy projects.

Hydro Excavating Applications

The applications of our hydro excavation services are many and varied.

Industrial Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning Company

The popularity of hydro excavation is growing throughout many industries as this method becomes more recognized for its precision, cost-effectiveness, and various usages. Hydro excavation services can assist in many different areas, including:

  • Accurately locating and accessing underground pipes, cables, and utilities also known as potholing and daylighting services
  • A safe excavation that eliminates puncture risks for natural gas and petroleum pipelines
  • Efficient and safe excavation of fiber optic cables, telephone lines, water mains, and other utilities
  • Making trenches for installing underground pipes, cables, and utilities

Choose The Merrick Group For Hydro Excavation Services

The Merrick Group’s proven expertise in precise and safe hydro excavation services via our specialized equipment and
techniques are tailor-made for the ongoing underground construction needs of municipalities and utility specialists.

Industries We Serve With Hydro Excavatation

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Companies
  • Nuclear Power Plants and Refineries
  • Municipalities and Utility Owners
  • Engineering and Construction Firms

We’ve served clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware to North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia for industrial hydro excavation. To save time and money on your industrial hydro excavation services and our high-pressure water blasting, please contact The Merrick Group at 570-455-0600.

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