Industrial Vacuum Truck Services

The Merrick Group provides a range of Vacuum truck services that include sewer line cleaning and sewer bypass, wastewater treatment, above and underground storage tank cleaning, sludge removal, gravel and sand removal, sump cleaning, and grease trap cleaning.

Our Vacuum truck service capabilities cover sludge, slurry, and liquid jobs, including hydro-trenching, septic system cleaning, line jetting, and the collection and transport of liquids and materials. We can customize our Vacuum truck services to suit your specific needs. Liquids, slurries, sludges, and solids, The Merrick Group provides the equipment necessary to handle these substances, serving as a licensed hauler for non-hazardous waste materials. Vacuum truck services are a staple in many of the other services we provide, including the cleaning of tanks, piping, ducts, pits, etc. The Merrick Group Vacuum truck service specialists are trained in safety practices and other job-relevant procedures.

Vacuum Truck Services are appropriate for:

Vacuum Truck
  • The removal of liquids from chemical tanks/drums, oil/water separators, fuel tanks.
  • Pick-up, disposal, or transportation of industrial wastewater.
  • Contaminated groundwater and water removed from the excavation site.
  • Recovery of liquids from sumps, ditches, and basements.
  • And more.

Our goal is to provide economical Vacuum truck services to our clients, safely meeting the demands of our customers as the environmental industry continues to change. The Merrick Group Vacuum truck services are available for your transport needs. Please contact us to learn more about how our Vacuum truck services can help your business. Our experienced professionals are available to service your business for both routine scheduled visits or on a call-in basis. The Merrick Group’s Vacuum truck service can safely remove all non-hazardous solids and liquids your company may generate. Our Vacuum truck services abide by all state, local, and federal regulations for the proper treatment and disposal of non-hazardous products. Please call us at 570-455-0600 to learn more.