Quality Assurance Program

IMG_1124-optimizedThe Merrick Group, Inc. is committed to a Quality Assurance program that ensures our work is performed in a manner that complies with all aspects of industry quality requirements. The Merrick Group, Inc.’s Nuclear Quality Assurance Program complies with Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, Appendix B, Titled “Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants” and with the 2008 Edition and 2009 addenda of ASME NQA-1 titled “Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications” with exceptions noted in the applicable portion of the MQAM.

The Merrick Group, Inc. reaches a new company milestone by committing to a Quality Assurance Program that meets the intent of the Code of Federal Regulations 10CFR50 Appendix B, Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Processing Plants.

On December 1, 2014, owner/president Mr. John Merrick (right) and the Merrick Group, Inc. Director of Quality-Nuclear Mr. Jeffrey Hart (left) signed into effect an ASME NQA-1 2008, 2009 addendum Quality Assurance Manual and Program as a growth initiative for the entire Merrick organization.

By championing a project of this magnitude which is strictly structure and compliance based, Mr. Merrick and his employees have committed ever further to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, our current Nuclear Utility clientele and the general public that the services we provide are of the highest standard and the trust they has placed upon us will never be compromised.

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