Why Quality Assurance Programs Matter

Quality Assurance and Quality Control continue to be vital processes in achieving the highest quality standards and safety objectives in many industries and must be an integrated part of the management system to ensure requirements are being satisfied.

Quality Control Inspections

Quality Control (QC) Inspections at a Nuclear Power Plant, utility, manufacturing, or processing facility provides confidence that reliability and integrity of sensitive equipment or processes have been maintained defect-free and error-free relative to their importance to safety, operability equating to continued profitability.

Quality Control oversight may include in-process or final inspection, testing or witnessing during fabrication, installation, construction, commissioning, operation, modification, repair, maintenance, or decommissioning activities to pre-established acceptance criteria to assure compliance of contractual documents, standards, regulations and mandated laws.

Quality Assurance Program

I just wanted to pass along Chemistry’s sincere appreciation for the prioritization and support provided by the SLT and Maintenance to address this coating repair issue, and for the outstanding execution of the repair plan by Maintenance and Merrick.

Jerrold McCormick
Sr. Environmental Scientist-Nuclear
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station

Our Quality Control Team

The Quality Control Inspection team within The Merrick Group is composed of experienced,
knowledgeable, and respected professionals in the power generation industry.

Each inspector has been qualified and certified to ANSI N45.2.6-1978, Qualifications of Inspection, Examination, and Testing Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants. The entire QA / QC inspection program within The Merrick Group is based on the principles established by the Institute of Power Operations INPO 12-012: Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture which include: 

Why Quality Assurance Programs Matter
  • Personal Accountability
  • Questioning Attitude
  • Effective Safety Communications, i.e. Personal, Nuclear, and Radiological
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Respectful Work Environment 
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Environment for Raising Concerns
  • Work Processes

Our Commitment to Quality Control

The Merrick Group’s Quality Control Inspection program offers inspection personnel that remains independent of the process to allow for full enforcement and compliance to all predicated regulations, standards, policies, and procedures.

At the core of The Merrick Group’s Quality Assurance Program is a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture and a Safety-Conscious Work Environment that allows all personnel the freedom to raise concerns without fear of retribution. The Quality Assurance Program is a collective commitment by all Merrick leaders and individuals to emphasize safety over competing goals to ensure the protection of people and the environment is always our first priority. 

Let our experienced inspectors help you control the most simplistic or complex activities affecting your important structures, systems, and components, to an extent consistent with their importance to safety and your company.

Why Quality Assurance Programs Matter

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