Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning services can eliminate many impurities such as oxides, mill scale, varnish, mineral deposits, and oils that might harm your machinery and processes. It is important to schedule routine cleaning on your industrial components to ensure they are working at peak efficiency and performance.

For over two decades, The Merrick Group has been a leading industrial chemical cleaning company providing services to our clients all over the world. We also specialize in mechanical cleaning services.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning

The Merrick Group is experienced in the proper maintenance and cleaning services of many industrial components. Some of the industrial equipment cleaning services we are most familiar with include:

Industrial cleaning services

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Professional Industrial Cleaning Solution

There are two main types of industrial cleaning methods that The Merrick Group uses to remove contaminants in the variety of tools and equipment that we typically service: mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical Cleaning Industrial Services

Mechanical cleaning involves physically removing dirt and debris using tools such as brushes, pressure washers, or sandblasters.

The removal of deposits, dirt, and rust may be done more precisely and with greater focus thanks to mechanical cleaning. To choose the best cleaning equipment, one must have a thorough understanding of the kind and degree of fouling.

Chemical Cleaning Industrial Services

Chemical cleaning involves using chemical agents to dissolve, emulsify, or otherwise break down contaminants, so they can be removed from surfaces.

This tends to mean circulating chemicals through the system to remove residue and debris.

Mechanical Cleaning Advantages

The following are some advantages of mechanical cleaning:

  • More focused and exact cleaning.
  • Reduces trash production.
  • Enables perhaps for a lesser staff size.

Chemical Cleaning Advantages

Some advantages of chemical cleaning methods are:

  • Cleansing is possible without taking the exchanger apart.
  • As every component of the separation is in contact with the cleaning chemical, cleaning is consistent and efficient.
  • Often faster than alternative cleaning techniques.
  • Less damaging to the device than alternative cleaning techniques.
Chemical Cleaning Services

Choose the Right Industrial Cleaning Service

Mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning can be used independently or together as part of a comprehensive cleaning process. For example, mechanical cleaning may be used to remove heavy debris or loose materials, followed by chemical cleaning to remove residual contaminants. Alternatively, chemical cleaning may be used first to break down stubborn contaminants, followed by mechanical cleaning to remove the remaining residue. 

Ultimately, the choice of cleaning method or combination of methods will depend on the nature of the contaminants and the type of surface being cleaned. The Merrick Group’s experienced staff will help you understand the benefits and guide you towards an experienced decision when choosing the right industrial cleaning service.

Goodway Technologies Partnership

The Merrick Group is proud to partner with one of the leading manufacturers of specialized industrial maintenance products: Goodway Technologies. Facilities worldwide use Goodway tube cleaner and other cleaning products for their tube cleaning systems, hose and pipe cleaning systems, heat exchanger system cleanings and more.

Goodway Technologies provides customized solutions and product expertise to make sure The Merrick Group is properly using the Goodway parts and industrial cleaning products. This partnership ensures our clients get the best service available.

Global Industrial Cleaning Company

As a leading chemical cleaning business, The Merrick Group’s skilled industrial cleaning professionals improve the effectiveness of your system. Maintenance and cleaning make your system last longer and cost less money than pricey repairs or replacement.

When looking for industrial cleaning services or mechanical cleaning services, choose The Merrick Group.