Merrick Fundraiser for Navy SEAL Mike Day

Merrick Group supports Dave Merrick’s Fundraiser for The Navy SEAL Foundation Honoring Mike Day

In April 2007 U.S. Navy SEAL Mike Day was on his last deployment to Iraq. His team had been tasked with conducting a raid on a series of small houses that were suspected of harboring Al-Qaeda fighters that had recently shot down four helicopters. As he entered the room, Day was immediately shot by the combatants. Injured and without a rifle, Day managed to draw his pistol and fire on and eliminate one of the Al-Qaeda fighters. Day then turned his fire on another fighter in the hallway that was trying to throw a hand grenade at his teammates. “I shot him. He dropped the grenade. It blew up and knocked me out.” While unconscious, the battle continued to rage around Day and some of his teammates were killed in the intense fighting.

Merrick Fundraiser for Navy SEAL Mike Day

Facing heavy enemy fire, Day’s teammates had to withdraw from the house in order to find a new way to attack the enemies that still hid inside. As his teammates left, they had to leave the still unconscious Day behind inside the house. Shortly thereafter, Day began firing at the Al-Qaeda fighters again with his pistol. While Day was reloading his pistol, the fighters realized they were under attack and again turned their guns on Day and began to fire. Day suffered a total of 27 gunshots that day and remarkably recovered and lived to tell his story.

Navy SEAL Mike Day

“Perfectly Wounded” by Mike Day

In his book, “Perfectly Wounded,” Day described his encounter as “Surreal, everything slowed down and I can tell you where every bullet impacted.” Day wrote about his experiences to encourage others to develop resilience and deal with obstacles in their own lives. His memoir also detailed his journey with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury as well as the physical pain he lived with after his time in Iraq.

Mike Day’s Story

Day was a SEAL for 21 years before retiring as an E-8 Senior Chief. Day’s military awards include two Bronze Stars, a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. He left the Navy in 2010 and joined the Wounded Warrior program helping Veterans. He also worked with New York Police and SWAT teams in his final days.

Sadly, even after surviving such a courageous battle and dedicating his time to help fellow Veterans impacted by the painful memories of war; he also fell victim to the toll that combat and trauma can take on even the strongest and bravest warriors.

Wounded Warrior program
Navy Seal

In March, Mike Day was found dead by suicide. He left behind a family and community that held him in the highest regard. Please let Mike’s story be a reminder of the military men and women who serve to protect each of us and know that they often suffer not only physical but psychological wounds that they carry with them for the entirety of their lives. All active military and Veterans should be given the utmost medical and mental care for the sacrifice they have made for this country; but often times, they are left untreated or without sufficient treatment.

Please Donate to The Navy SEAL Foundation

I am participating in The Navy SEAL Foundation’s 4x4x48 challenge to help raise awareness and funds for their mission to help active duty and Veterans with their education and to help them build strength and resilience to what they face when their time of service concludes. I will be running/walking 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 straight hours, and I am asking for your support in my efforts. I hope that you will all join me on this journey and help these men and women get the care that they so desperately deserve.

Any donation amount is accepted and appreciated; All donations for my event are in honor of Mike Day and his heroic yet tragic story. Together, we can make a big difference!!

Thank you,

Dave Merrick

Please note: The donation window for Merrick’s 4x4x48 Fundraiser has closed. We were able to raise over $8,000 in support of Veterans such as Mike Day!