NACE Inspection by a NACE Certified Coating Inspector

NACE Certification is valued and necessary for many industrial projects. Several of The Merrick Group’s employees are Level 1 NACE Certified Coating Inspector Certified.

NACE Inspector Certification Levels

NACE Certification Level 1

This enables our employees to be qualified to undertake coating inspection of structural steel substrates using non-destructive techniques and instrumentation. Our employees have the knowledge and experience of coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application on steel and concrete substrates.

NACE Certification Level 2

This enables our employees to be qualified to perform advanced coating inspections using both nondestructive and destructive techniques. Our employees have the knowledge of specialized coating material and techniques for a variety of substrates including concrete, copper, aluminum, lead, galvanized, thermal spray metals, wood, and polymeric materials. We also understand the various types of coatings including powder, fireproof, anti-fouling, high-heat, and temporary protective coatings as well as concrete, pipeline, mainline, and field joint coatings.

NACE Certified Coating Inspectors

NACE Certified Coating

Our NACE Certified Coating inspector ensures that coating systems are applied according to the coating specification, and they accurately and objectively report the results of all inspection observations. If environmental, time, or any other constraints make compliance with the coating specification impossible, The Merrick Group Certified NACE coating inspector will use their experience with a coating material to determine when acceptable conditions exist.

Merrick’s skilled NACE certified coating applicators completed the coating repairs correctly the first time — all under the direct scrutiny of a PaDEP-certified Tank Inspector.

Jerrold McCormick
Sr. Environmental Scientist-Nuclear
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station

NACE Coatings Inspector Program (NACE CIP)

Industrial coatings for steel and concrete are vital to the integrity and operation of the structures, machines, and systems in which they are found. Regardless of initial build, retrofitting or repair/inspection, a NACE coating inspector plays a vital role. In many cases, the coating inspector is an unaffiliated third party.

The benefits of NACE CIP (Coating inspector program) by The Merrick Group include:

  • NACE Experience

The Merrick Group’s overall knowledge and experience of diverse NACE jobs allow us to be able to better define timetables for each stage so that all specialties can be coordinated over the project’s lifecycle. This ensures that the job is kept on a strict timeline to prevent delays.

  • Defined Roles

Our NACE specialists can lead a team, which allows multiple projects to run simultaneously. The Merrick Group’s NACE certified inspectors are involved in all aspects of the project to complete the NACE coating application. Our NACE leaders understand their team’s role and how to balance the NACE coating inspection process to ensure quality isn’t sacrificed.

The Merrick Group has built a reputation as a global leader in NACE inspections. With over 25 years of industrial experience, we place great emphasis on proper NACE training for our coating inspectors (level 1 and level 2). Call our team to schedule your next NACE service.

NACE Certification Verification

Name NACE Certification Level 1 NACE Certification Level 2 NACE CIP Bridge – Certified Cert Number
David Merrick 16387
Daniel Merrick 22070
Robert Ackerman 47350
Robert Zecker 47349
James Fisher 16381
Ryan Rondosh 17148
Scott Shamany 43381
Jeffrey Hart 43456

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