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Coating Service Level I, II & III Services

Merrick Group’s Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Program provides our clients with confidence that any Service Level I, II or III coatings applications performed on any of their Safety Related Structures, Systems or Components, will be performed and controlled by qualified and certified application and inspection personnel.

The Merrick Groups coatings program provides assurance that all safety related coatings will be procured, applied and maintained in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and the plant specific licensing basis for the facility. 

The Merrick Group, Inc’s protective coatings program was developed in accordance with NRC Regulatory Guide 1.54 R2 for Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Applied to Nuclear Power Plants and current industry ASTM Standards. Additionally, EPRI Report No. 1019157 “Guideline on Nuclear Safety Related Coatings, Revision 2 was referenced in the development of the protective coating program.  

The Merrick Group’s Protective Applicators are qualified to the following ASTM Standards: 

ASTM – N4227-05, Application of Coatings to Concrete Surfaces.

ASTM – N4228-05 Application of Coatings to Steel Surfaces 

The combination of the NRC Regulatory Guide 1.54 R2 and various ASTM Standards utilized within the Merrick Group’s coating practices and programs is found to be acceptable by the NRC for the selection, application, qualification, inspection, and maintenance of protective coatings applied to Nuclear Power Plants. 

Coatings work is considered a Special Process as defined in United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, Appendix B, Titled “Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants”.  The Merrick Group Inc. not only understands these requirements, but implements them via an effective Service Level I, II & III Protective Coatings Program which is controlled and accomplished by qualified personnel using qualified procedures in accordance with applicable codes, standards, specifications, criteria, and other special requirements.

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This is why the Merrick Group, Inc. is your contractor of choice for all of your Coatings Service Level I, II, and III needs.  To know find out more about our Coatings Service Level I, II & III capability or any other service feel free to contact us or alternatively you can call us at +01.570.455.0600! Our Friendly executives will be happy to help you to better understand the Coatings Service Level I, II & III Program or Processes or any other service according to your needs!