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Condenser Tube Cleaning Services

Condenser Cleaning Services

The Merrick Group, Inc provides high-quality nuclear power plant Condenser Cleaning Services. Power companies are constantly faced with an increasingly harsh and changing environment, and ensuring that the proper cleaning and maintenance is performed helps the condenser tubes function as they should. Since many power plants use sea or river water for their main cooling system; it becomes critically important to maintain and clean the condenser tube. With all of the contaminants and pollutants, such as dirt, algae, and scum, that are found in open water, it’s important to properly clean condenser tubes to make certain that any traces of these contaminants are cleaned out. A regular cleaning schedule and proper maintenance will ensure that tubes remain free of debris and that they function as intended. Our condenser tube cleaning and condenser tube maintenance services directly impact the performance and efficiency of power generation.

The equipment and experience are necessary to assess each job to determine the proper course of action. Working with plant personnel we can determine the most cost-effective process to deliver the cleanest 360 degree I.D. tube without harming or damaging any base metal.

Our Condenser Tube Cleaning Services

Condenser Tube Cleaning

  1. Opening of all doors and covers (Rigging Certified)
  2. As found inspections and documentation
  3. Cleaning of all debris and wipe down of cross around pipes
  4. Full coating inspection of pipes and tube sheets (NACE Certified)
  5. Cleaning of condenser tubes
  6. Hydrolazing of pressures up to 40,000 psi
  7. Plastic scrapers, metal scrapers, and wire brushes
  8. Condenser Tube plugging
  9. Coating applications (High performance certified)
  10. Final inspection (FME approved)
  11. Close unit (Torque Certified)

Our goal when condenser tube cleaning or maintaining condenser tubes is to deliver an end result that maximizes heat transfer capacity for our customer. For more information, you can contact us OR alternatively you can call us at +01.570.455.0600!