Hydro Excavation and High Pressure Waterblasting Services

In excavation jobs where precision is necessary, hydro-excavation is the preferred method over conventional forms of excavation.

By utilizing pressurized water to break down the earth in tandem with vacuum removal into a debris tank, Hydro-Excavation enables the most precise, efficient, and safe way for location of underground pipes and utilities.

The Merrick Group’s proven expertise in precise and safe excavation via our specialized equipment and techniques is tailor-made for the ongoing underground construction needs of municipalities and utility specialists. Consequently, the potential applications of our hydro-excavation processes are many and varied.

In cases where natural gas and petroleum pipelines must be excavated, ourHydro-Excavation process can ensure safe excavation that eliminates puncture risks. The efficient and safe excavation of fiber optic cables, telephone lines, water mains and other utilities can be performed with no risk of damage. As a process that minimizes surface damage, hydro excavation can reduce traffic disruptions and other factors that make traditional excavation more problematic.

To learn more about hydro excavation and our high-pressure waterblasting services, please contact The Merrick Group at 570-455-0600.