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Industrial Protective Coating Service

Corrosion never sleeps! It is constantly attacking everything around us; visible sites like bridges and buildings as well as unseen areas such as underground pipelines and tank interiors. 

Industrial Protective Coating is a complex combination of many raw materials that must be mixed, applied to a prepared substrate, dried and cured correctly to perform to their maximum capability. They must have the ability to be applied in diverse environmental conditions, and then be expected to protect the substrate from the damaging effects of rain, sunlight, wind,  heat, cold, humidity, and oxygen in various combinations and cycles, and still retain their integrity and often their aesthetic qualities. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that many protective coating failures can be attributed to unqualified application personnel. 

The Merrick Group, Inc. has over 25 years of industrial coatings application experience, which provides our clients with the assurance that all applications and inspections will be performed safely and correctly.

The Merrick Group’s Industrial Coatings Program provides our clients with the confidence that any industrial coating applied by the Merrick Group, will be performed to the client’s specification and or the coating manufactures Product Data Sheet without exception. 

How Our Industrial Protective Coating Services can Help Your Business

The experience personnel at the Merrick group are trained to address your simplest needs to the most complex. The Merrick group has a long history of providing industrial protective coating services with the least amount of impact to our clients and their equipment. Our industrial coating applicators coupled with our NACE certified coating inspectors, offer the most complete industrial coatings application services from surface preparation to final dry film thickness readings.

Industrial protective coating Industrial protective coating Industrial protective coating

Why not let The Merrick Group, Inc. protect your investment?

Whether you’re doing an initial coating application, performing preventative maintenance or resurrecting a deteriorated structure, we are here to offer Industrial protective coating services, a superior finished product at a competitive price.