Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance and Cleaning Services

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Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance

Nuclear power plant maintenance carries stringent requirements. Merrick’s offers the personnel and equipment to meet these requirements and create greater plant efficiency throughout the maintenance cycle. Two decades of successful nuclear power plant maintenance and cleaning services coupled with a dedication to the commitment of upholding industry standards has led to our record of success.

Merrick’s has comprehensive nuclear plant maintenance, cleaning and service program for all facets of the nuclear industry, including outages and on-line maintenance. These include cooling tower maintenance, underground piping, heat exchanger cleaning, inspections, coating applications, condenser cleaning and tube plugging.

Nuclear Plant MaintenanceWith more than 20 years of experience, we have become aware of and practice strict ALARA principles. It is our goal to create a working environment that is safe for our employees, the plant, and the general public. This commitment alone speaks for our reputation within nuclear facilities.