Techniques for Condenser Tube Cleaning

conderser tube cleaning

One of the major services provided by The Merrick Group is the heat exchanger and condenser tube cleaning, maintenance, and restoration. Our service is designed to fit all specifications and can maximize the operational efficiency of your condenser tubes with various effective cleaning methods. Condenser tube cleaning can be categorized into three techniques that include chemical cleaning, hydrolaze cleaning, and projectile cleaning.

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Properly Assessing and Choosing the Correct Method

When choosing a condenser tube cleaning technique, it is important to keep in mind several aspects including the base metal compositions, base metal conditions, the amount of corrosion, involvement of any foreign elements, scale composition, cleaning time, environmental concerns, and safety. The primary objective for our industrial cleaning is to ensure that nothing is damaged.

Our Merrick Group expert staff can analyze the application, condition of the tube, and the overall objective of the cleaning process to decide the best techniques for condenser tube cleaning. This also ensures that we can have the best implementation of the cleaning operation, remove any fouling substances, and provide the best tube condition while being within the customer’s budget.

Hydrolaze Cleaning

Hydrolaze cleaning or hydro blasting is a type of industrial decontamination service. It is a process that is used to replace the traditional chemical cleaning process for condenser tube cleaning. This process uses high-pressure water that is released at around 50,000 psi to remove scales from the inner surfaces of the heat exchanger pipes and condenser tubes. Hydrolaze cleaning can be used to clean inside pipes, tanks, or reactors to remove any chemical build-up, blockages, and metal scaling.

Projectile Cleaning

Projectile cleaning is a condenser tube cleaning method that uses low water pressure and a projectile or a dart. Compared to traditional chemical cleaning and hydrolazing, projectile cleaning is a cost-efficient variation for condenser tube cleaning.

The tube cleaner for projectile cleaning can be made from rubber, plastic, or metal bushes and is fired through the condenser tubes with low water pressure. While the cleaner passes through the tube, it scratches and brushes through the debris on the insides of the tube and cleans it thoroughly.

Condenser Tube Chemical Cleaning

Chemical condenser tube cleaning is a process to remove any unwanted substances from the walls of the heat exchanger or condenser tubes. Chemical cleaning can also mean the purification, conditioning, or disinfection of the tubes depending on the requirements of the customer.
The process in dividend into three stages as follows:

  • Chemical activation
  • Cleaning
  • Rinsing

The industrial chemical cleaning process of condenser tube cleaning includes projectile cleaning, chemical cleaning, and cleaning with hydrolaze. In order to make the best decision, it is essential to accurately examine the circumstances impacting each unit. We work closely with our clients to provide a comprehensive industrial cleaning solution that takes into account the composition of the base metal in the tubes, the condition of the base metal, corrosion control, the composition of the fouling agent and scale, safety, and environmental concerns.

The Merrick Group implements cleaning procedures that best match the tube condition, fouling material removal plan, and client budget based on application, tube condition, and overall plant objectives. To request a quote for industrial cleaning services, please contact us.

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