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Nuclear energy provides 20% of the power for our electricity and this is expected to increase in the next decade, creating ample career opportunities. Nuclear power creates tens of thousands of nuclear technician jobs across the nation, for those looking for a stable career that makes a difference, there is no better time to start with The Merrick Group than now. To learn how to become a nuclear technician, continue reading for tips on how to start your career today in the nuclear power industry.

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Nuclear Technician Job Description

A nuclear technician plays a crucial role in the energy industry, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants. The responsibilities of nuclear technician jobs include monitoring and maintaining equipment, conducting tests, and implementing safety protocols. Additionally, they collaborate with other professionals to address technical issues and contribute to the overall success of power generation. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety are essential traits for this role. As technology evolves, nuclear technicians at The Merrick Group stay at the forefront of advancements through continuous learning and training, making them well-equipped for the dynamic challenges of the industry.

How To Become A Nuclear Technician

You can become a nuclear technician with just a high school diploma, but you will need some on-the-job training. To qualify for a nuclear technician jobs, you need to pass the initial background check and be able to meet some physical requirements. The initial background check usually includes a background investigation and a substance abuse screening test, both are common of most industries. The physical requirements for becoming a nuclear technician include, the ability and willingness to travel, lift at least 30 pounds, and work in industrial environments. Industrial environments vary greatly and can require a technician to perform their work within space restrictions, extreme temperatures and outdoor weather, and protective gear. Once you have met these qualifications and gained some vital, on-the-job experience, you can work on some additional trainings or continuing education to become an expert in the field.

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Continuing Education and Training for Nuclear Technician Jobs

To further your career in the nuclear energy field, it is a smart decision to continue earning certificates or licenses.  Organizations like NANTeL, nuclear e-learning connection, The Nuclear Energy Institute, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, and the National Registry or Radiation protection Technologists are resources to check when searching for further education. One of the best parts of working as a nuclear technician at The Merrick Group is that they provide additional job training. Trainings are both hands-on and classroom based courses that cover a wide range of experience from new hire training to advanced technical skills to annual required courses.  For a list of training areas, see the training and qualifications page

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Once you’re properly trained, you are qualified to work as a nuclear technician at power plants. Picking a company to work with is an important choice because it could determine how your career will grow in the future. If you are just starting out in your career, you want to work for a company that has multiple experienced technicians already employed and offers on-the-job training and mentorship.

If you are a more established technician, you should look to work with a company that is established, is on the forefront of technology, and puts safety first. The Merrick Group has over 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry and has a solid clientele base. This clientele base spans the entire world offering a large variety of experiences and the ability to travel. 

The Merrick Group has worked on projects from Canada to Taiwan which gives you ample opportunity to make connections and add impressive accomplishments to your resume. A position with The Merrick Group is reliable because the skills of the company are in demand. Additionally, The Merrick Group applies state-of-the-art technology, some of which has been specialized for unique projects in various industries. Lastly, The Merrick Group always puts the safety of its employees and clients as the priority. This entails implementation of policies and regulations that are designed to reduce hazards and prevent accidents before they happen. For example, The Merrick Group offers continuous training, uses error prevention tools, and has a full-time safety officer. 

To learn more about working for the The Merrick Group as a nuclear technician, take a look at our open positions and submit your resume today!

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