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High Pressure Sewer Line Jetting Services by The Merrick Group

If you have sewer problems, sewer line jetting may be your solution.

Sewer jetting is a dirty job, but it’s an important one. Tree roots, minerals, dirt, grease and the buildup of sludge can easily clog a sewer line and cause severe problems. It is important to routinely eliminate these materials to maintain proper sewer operation. There are many cities that lack a dedicated service in the sewer department for sewer line jetting. Many businesses and facilities, including industrial customers, restaurants, and others, need expert sewer line jetting services to remove the buildup and unclog the lines.

High-pressure sewer line jetting is the best solution for blowing sewer lines to transform them from clogged and dirty to clean and like-new. Whether you are looking for sewer maintenance, high pressure sewer line jetting services, or have a challenging clog to remove, The Merrick Group is there for you. Our expert technicians have years of experience in finding and fixing sewer problems.

Hydro-jetting is the process of cleaning sewer lines and clogs with high pressure water. High-pressure jetting can remove 100% of grease, debris and roots built up in the sewer lines over time.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call – we are happy to answer your questions. We are available to restore your sewer lines, provide sewer line jetting services for sludge buildup, sewer jetting for root infiltration, sewage backup removal, and sewer line jetting to improve the flow of water. The high-pressure sewer line jetting process removes all potential blockages and obstructions accumulating in your sewer line—after completed, the sewer line will drain freely and be clear from debris. Regular sewer line jetting also prevents leaks and damage that could contribute to long-term sewer damage. To learn more about our sewer line jetting services, please call us at 570-455-0600.