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A Day in the Life of a Nuclear Technician

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Working in the field of nuclear energy is a rewarding experience that gives technicians the chance to travel, learn valuable skills, and gives them a sense of accomplishment. This blog discusses the ins and outs of working in nuclear power plants. Additionally, a long-time technician turned project supervisor, Ryan Rondosh, weighs in on the advantages […]

How to Prevent Fouling in Industrial Equipment?

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Industrial equipment is expensive, and proper maintenance is important to keep it working properly. Part of the reason that routine maintenance is so important to industrial equipment is that it helps to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from accumulating on surfaces, a process that is referred to as fouling. Fouling in industrial equipment can cause […]

Training Tips for Nuclear Technician Jobs

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Right now, Nuclear energy provides 20% of the power for our electricity and this is expected to increase in the next decade, creating ample career opportunities.  The Nuclear Energy Institute predicts the addition of 23,000 nuclear technician jobs in the next five years. If you are interested in becoming a nuclear technician, continue reading for […]

How To Detect Degradation With Eddy Current Testing

Last Updated on by John Merrick

A large part of regular maintenance for power plants and petrochemical facilities is making sure that there are no defects in their heat exchanger tubing that could lead to facility or component downtime. Eddy current testing is extremely important in making this determination and also helping to provide an overall assessment of component and system […]

What Is Industrial Tank Cleaning?

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to operating and maintaining your facility. Remembering to schedule regular maintenance checks and exercising proper care for your equipment is extremely important but it may often be the last thing on your mind. Industrial tanks serve many different purposes and can hold various liquids. However, […]