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The Merrick Group Completes Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Last Updated on by John Merrick

The Merrick Group returned to the KAPL Department of Defense/Department of Energy site in October of 2014 to continue work on the MARF cooling tower where a list of projects were completed safely and successfully. The Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) on the bank of the Mohawk River in Niskayuna, New York has a long […]

Basics of Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance

Last Updated on by John Merrick

The ability of heat exchangers and specifically shell and tube type heat exchangers, to efficiently perform their function has a direct impact on the overall efficiency of power plants. Fouling is an inherent problem that results in reductions in heat transfer and an increase in production costs. This requires an ongoing and annual heat exchanger […]

The Importance of an Effective Condenser Tube Cleaning Process

Last Updated on by John Merrick

For power plants that rely on thermal power generation, condenser tube cleaning and maintenance directly impacts performance and efficiency of power generation. Having an effective condenser cleaning process that thoroughly removes deposits on a regular schedule not only maximizes megawatt output and heat transfers, it reduces the chances of tube failures from fouling and corrosion. […]

Effective Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Heat exchanger cleaning to remove tube deposits, sedimentation, bio fouling and obstructions is a necessary process that has a tremendous impact on performance. Returning the surfaces to near bare metal starts a new lifecycle whereby the protective oxide coatings can rebuild to ensure a passive impact on fluid flow. All heat exchanger cleaning services require […]

The Importance of Proper Heat Exchanger Maintenance & Cleaning

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Heat exchangers are at the heart of many critical industrial systems. From power plants to industrial chemical plants and everything in between, the heat exchanger in all its forms is a critical aspect of heat management systems. Therefore, all organizations must take heat exchanger maintenance extremely seriously, because a heat exchanger failure can be a […]