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How To Detect Degradation With Eddy Current Testing

Last Updated on by John Merrick

A large part of regular maintenance for power plants and petrochemical facilities is making sure that there are no defects in their heat exchanger tubing that could lead to facility or component downtime. Eddy current testing is extremely important in making this determination and also helping to provide an overall assessment of component and system […]

What Is Industrial Tank Cleaning?

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to operating and maintaining your facility. Remembering to schedule regular maintenance checks and exercising proper care for your equipment is extremely important but it may often be the last thing on your mind. Industrial tanks serve many different purposes and can hold various liquids. However, […]

5 Best Practices For Cooling Tower Maintenance

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Cooling towers are industrial coolers that eliminate waste heat which originates from different sources such as industrial machinery or oil refineries. Cooling towers reject heat, either through the use of evaporation to cool the waste heat or by using air flow to eliminate heat. These two different systems are referred to as direct, open circuit […]

NACE Coating Inspectors Can Avoid Common Project Challenges

Last Updated on by John Merrick

Industrial coatings for steel and concrete are vital to the integrity and operation of the structures, machines, and systems in which they are found. Regardless of initial build, retrofitting or repair/inspection, a NACE coating inspector plays a vital role. The nature of that role as a quality control technician responsible for observing and reporting the […]

The Process of Optimizing Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Plans

Last Updated on by John Merrick

While the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has highly specific guidelines for monitoring the effectiveness of nuclear power plant maintenance, the efficiency of the maintenance plan can vary widely, thereby increasing risks of overall cost versus profitability measures. Consequently, increased efficiency in nuclear plant maintenance plans is vital to optimum operation. There is essentially one primary […]